Dame Caessina In A Chiton

It’s been several months, but I’ve drawn some new Arcane Odyssey art. Gee, I wonder who it’s of. It’s not like I’ve been obsessed with a certain unimportant NPC. Nor have I ever made exaggerated claims of this NPC’s appeal due to her athletic, tomboyish natu-

It’s Dame Caesennia, I drew Dame Caessina. In a Greek chiton.

Now, given the heat of summer, and everyone’s propensity for going to the beach, I was figuring I’d draw her in swimwear, buuuuttt…

… yeah.

Thus, Caessina will have to go shopping first for actual swimwear. In the meantime, please enjoy the art. And to those who are about to say “would”, just know that I have your address.

(Also, the Latin here is not gibberish. Try and figure out what it means.)


I can’t read Latin but ima guess that’s olive oil


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Oh god not again.

nah fuck “would”, I counter with “will”

Don’t say that, I can do worse😇

I don’t know how olive oil technology works, but sure…

If she’s into a nice handcrafted swimsuit, go ahead

It’s the same way that like companies claim to use “advanced technology” for even the most simple of products. It’s less that there’s any real advancement in the product, and more that they want to justify a ludicrous price.

Also, for the record, the entire bottom image is a joke I devoted about an hour into. I was considering dropping it for pushing the rules a bit, but decided I’d rather risk mods slapping me with a warning than to lose an hour of work.

You reminded me how some rice cookers claimed to “use AI” to make the rice cook faster by making it hot faster.

I also remember I tried doing this, but then immediately deleted it, because I’m afraid getting banned here

That does some like the kind of crap a company would advertise.

pipe bomb under your bathroom rug

since I live in your walls its under your bathroom rug :smile:

There is nothing more terrifying than two (post deleted by author) right next to each other
And great work btw, to compromise I’ll say
could :relieved:

Oh will you now?



They were deleted for innocent reasons, just us deciding that the comments were unnecessary and didn’t add anything.

Finally, I can put my Latin studies to use!
Also, I love your art! She looks nice here!

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I remember very little Latin, but uh…
I saw the words “technolgy” and “modest”
apparently everybody else figured out it was olive oil though, so I’m guessing it’s olive oil being used for… suntan lotion???

I don’t know.

The joke is that the olive oil is being sold as “swimwear”, as the Romans would frequently use it prior to bathing. This particular oil is being portrayed as “modest” by the store. Kind of how like some people intentionally choose covering or showy swimwear. Obviously, olive oil, being a transparent liquid, would not meet modern day modesty standards, hence the joke.