Dark Sea City Megastructures, What would you like to see?

So yeah. Ruined cities that can spawn in i3+ range. These can range in size from redwake to Ravenna. Only 1 can be loaded in per server.
Here is some ideas I have so far

  • Carts to make pulling more than 2 dark sea chests possible
  • Static Storms
  • Generated Flags
  • Generated terrain and Structures
  • Higher quality loot
  • Trapped/Puzzle rooms
  • Lore ofc

Have anything you’d like to see in these before I start modelling some basic structures? Let me know in the comments.

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Here are*

sorry don’t mean to be annoying but I died when I read that but I respawned so its ok

You should add something underground/in a mountain, could also be with maze/puzzle concept

only 1 can be loaded in per server at a time or is it an epicenter situation? if its the latter i dont think anyone is going out of their way to look for allat

Maybe ghost towns? Cities of ghosts bound to the locations they died, barely being able to interact with their friends and family that died along side them.

Flashes that momentarily show what the cities were like before everyone died?

Also maybe big crators or rock formations from durza’s magic. Like a massive spike or something protruding from parts of the city?

And maybe also parts of ancient cities that broke off. Like Sparta, Athens, Rome, Alexandria, Troy, that could show how their growth a cities was changed by them having magic.

No more from me.


basically reason for ppl to go to 3rd range cities spawn there

It’s not an epicenter thing, they can be found in random places but I only added that rule in because they will be very big and many players don’t venture past i1

can u make it so a place constantly gets rained 1 magic

kind of like dawn island I mean where its always stormy

and the epicenter is spawned in a random place every server, so the question must be asked again, is it like the epicenter or can only be generated at a time?

Nono, it can be spawned again and again, it’s not in one set place as soon as the server is spawned.

can u answer my question pls

plz no not more genshin impact

dark sea treasure charts. now before you behead me, hear me out


Idea: have a place where it’s always raining acid or something like that and have a bunch of collapsed roofs you have to dash through and then you get to a place like the redwake leader room and there’s treasure there
high risk high reward

it does 100 dps or something

a giant tower (like the silent tower from WoM or whatever it was called)
I thought that was going to be a thing since the trello card was posted.

It would have multiple floors with a good amount of loot, but also atlanteans on every floor, which increase in level the further you go up.
maybe it could be cool if it has like a constant heavy thunderstorm surrounding it or something

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some way to deal with the funny rain debuff

some way to get free warding/clear weather be it beating a mini-boss or trap that turns back on some kind of building that used to ward off the dark sea
(seeing how even we can survive with magic “today” being overall weaker to the “past” it would make sense that some would survive the dark sea at least for a while and would try and build counters to the madness)

battlefields not of 2 human factions but of humans vs Atlanteans
(while yes the dark sea/Atlanteans “won” humans shouldn’t not have gone down without a fight)

Dark sea megastructure diving spot

I want to 1v1 my thalassophobia

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