Dark Sea City Megastructures

Dark Sea City Megastructures https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/9/3/93bb32663118501e6f6c99b3de260502df93c50b.jpeg
effort 4.777777777777778 9 quality 4.666666666666667 9 reasonability 4.777777777777778 9

Durza missed Theos and Hit a nearby mountain instead, thereby shattering the world

Like the idea of cities and shrines, not much that of the cart.

what’s wrong with the cart? It’ll make it easier to transport dark sealeds back to your ship

god yes more dark sea exploration and characterization and convenienter exotics

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cart (i am donkey)

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would make dark sea exploration more fun, but honestly i still feel like looting siren islands exclusively would still be a faster way to farm dark sealed chests

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wb after 3 years

DOGSH- JK i wanna see that,i wanna bully more atlanteans.

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