Dark Sea City Megastructures

Dark Sea City Megastructures https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/9/3/93bb32663118501e6f6c99b3de260502df93c50b.jpeg
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As of now the Dark Sea is a very monotonous and besides the RNG weather, it is fairly straightforward. Pop revealing and invis get all the dark sea chests, back to boat, repeat.
My vision with this new structure is to not only have it be vastly different everytime but to bring a fresh breath of air to the lore, the dark sea and your experience in the game overall.

These City Megastructures will be offered in the insanity 2+ range.
Each city will be randomly generated terrain and building wise.
City structures will include community buildings, houses, throne rooms, magic rooms that can offer a shrine that will convert 4 rare scrolls into an exotic for a portion of your galleons and will temporarily give you more insanity.
As well as this, puzzle rooms will offer a vast array of silver and gold chests as well as 3-4 dark sealeds per every treasure room you clear.
Puzzles for these rooms could include matching symbols, connecting a series of arcanium conduits, and even defeating enemies and strong atlantean bosses.

But Ramen, how are we going to carry all these chests back to our ship??
These will spawn in the market locations where you can trade with the ghosts of various vendors for dark sea items, if you are in the very far ranges, they might even offer you legendary items. To put chests in the cart, simply walk near them. To pull the cart hold “E” near it.

Of course, these cities will not be without their risks. In I2-3 you will encounter a phenomena known as “static storms”. These storms increase your insanity by 1 and will make it more difficult to see, giving your screen a staticky effect.
As well as this, atlantean “guards” will frequently appear in the streets, but they can be circumvented using invisibility 2+ potions.

As an easter egg, using Warding 5 will brighten up the atmosphere and remove the static storm, sort of creating a feeling of just before Theos’ blast that destroyed the city in the first place.

Want to add onto this? Think its shit? Comment down below.
(Obv this won’t be for the Nimbus Sea update, likely an interlude update)


wait wasn’t this already planned


cool but idk if this is simple enough to add to ao

AO isn’t really meant to be simple, and when all combined it kinda is

that’s what i mean, i’m not exactly happy that it’s simple, but adding this feature would make it stand out vastly from the others

which is sort of the intention

wait were you the guy who was talking about making this b4 bec I’m sure someone mentioned this b4


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Ngl this would be nice to add (exception of the shrine since that came out of no where)

But I’d feel like this would fit so much better in the further reaches since ranges 2+ and 3+ are honestly cake-walk and it’s just a place for free loot

While further reaches are much more dangerous and should be more loot = more danger risk while having a lot more exploration for your achievement for managing to say in dangerous areas for much longer
I’d say these city megastructures that even require you to hold a cart should be spawned in the ranges 4 - 6 (Insanity 3 - 5).


The shrine was already being considered by the balance team, so I decided to pay homage. Plus it makes sense cuz it’s magically infused because
A. Dark Sea
B. Magic was very powerful before the Theos Blast

okay this is actually pretty cool

the remnants of lost cities that once existed as great civilizations and kingdoms before the great clash of durza and theos… ghosts and atlanteans flood the streets of these now decrepit towns, what treasures and mysteries await you on these perilous islands?

also we get a cart :slight_smile: that’s fun.

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The cart is the MVP of this post


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Its Durza’s blast which shattered the world Not Theos’ but otherwise a nice addition to the dark sea

This is a very cool idea, adding onto another suggestion about having this in the far reaches, maybe instead have it start to be able to spawn in the 2+ range, but in 4-5 ranges it has a much higher chance of spawning

Iirc both of them fired blasts that collided

no. (Durza missed)

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could you please elaborate on the puzzles a bit more?
also it might be cool to have variants of these megastructures, like overgrown ones (pretty self explanatory), ashen ones (it’s just covered in ash and there are stone statues of people randomly in the street) or blasted ones (where most buildings are just gone/falling apart due to a big explosion)


What i see:
YAY MORE FUCKING SEALED CHESTS AND ANOTHER ADDITIONAL WHCIH ENCOURAGE ME TO GO DEEPER INTO DARK SEA EVEN MORE and Hell vetex should add Sea mosnter that has it teeth an burning property because Scaled dagger from atlantean drop said that it teeth came from unknown sea monster which could possiblely be future sea monster in dark sea exclusively