Dark sea, durza, theos and all that shit

just here to collect, prove, or disprove any dark sea theories, I loved what Vetex is cooking and so I’m trying to make one big super theory on where the dark sea will go next, whether it be monsters that should be added, or a theory that ruby rogers is secretly a god incarnated into flesh, and will destroy the dark sea, i wanna see them all

game theory: revon will get killed by a clownfish

incorrect, he’ll die the moment he steps into the dark sea due to magic pollution
( he has no resistance against it )

my personal theory is that, number one, as much as i would love Ruby rogers to be a boss/recurring character in main story, i have a feeling he will be a side joke most of if not the whole game, i saw people suggesting that he is the boss of the first half of nimbus sea, this might be happening, as i doubt we would be fighting a corsair this early in the campaign, if we do end up fighting Ruby, it will most likely be bc of a friendly challenge, as i doubt that the mc could bring himself to hurt Ruby. And Ruby doesn’t strike me as the type to pick a fight with us. something that could be interesting is Ruby and his crew going into the dark sea and becoming a legendary ship battle against a corrupt Ruby and his crew. that could make for a good dark sea boss. (side note a really want ruby to find the slash curse that that general lost when he died.) Number two, dark sea part of the campaign, involving find theos’s spirit or curse beard’s. as mentioned by some spirits, they cant sense Arthur’s power anymore, to me this says that his spirit was here when Arthur died, meaning Arthur could be in the dark sea as a spirit, maybe we need to fight him and then he helps us after seeing our mc’s strength. same could go for theo’s. then they could fill us in on the events that happened and guide us. (totally not but ima put this here for wishful thinking, but what if there was a quest you could encounter an npc on an island that was an important person in curse beards army, and after the quest he would join you as quartermaster

it would be funny if he spends the rest of the game getting stronger, and then we go back to fight him and a npc says he died fighting a clownfish that morning.

this would be like, one of the most legendary defeats on roblox.

you thought the umbra from the first solar eclipse event in TDS dying was crazy? nah man, this is peak.

that or he is running to fight us and he trips over his feet and falls on his sword.

revon poops himself and dies from embarassment damage

These replies are giving me big “wizard dies by 1d4 everything damage” energy

Revon: Ive been training everyday for this moment, all so i could kill you for what you did to my- (trips over Ruby’s foot, who was walking to go finally buy a bigger boat, falls over and then dies bc of the wrath of the skill issue gods

it would be kinda cool to see revon turn to the order for revenge, then during one of the final fights we go to the dark sea to stop the order, and revon is fighting us we win and he get knocked back into that pool of purple stuff in the epicenter, and chaos manifest in him and he have to fight a corrupted revon (i guess this could also apply to morden, bc chaos and the death curse may be able to control him for a time allowing us to fight him, after we beat him, the death curse and chaos get into an argument, this allows morden to resume control over himself.) either way i think it would give revon a satisfying arc.

if youre interested in the dark sea, boy do i have a story for you…

yes please, i love lore around mythology.

if u look in the writing category theres a fanmade alternate universe created for AO that tells the story of a hypothetical atlantean invasion into the war seas, sort of like a zombie apocalypse :eyes:

if u like horror, id recommend reading through some of the stories ppl have made ^^ and if u wanna help contribute to the worldbuilding of the concept pls consider !!