Dark Sea Enchants obtainable from regular chests now

I just noticed that Dark Sea enchants are now obtainable through regular chests from the Dark Sea. I never noticed a patch note for this in the trello or just missed it, but thought it was a nice change, since it provides more availability and rewards for players either new to DS expeditions and easier obtainability for all of us. If its just a bug, keep it like this lol

it’s an intended feature
you also can’t get rare enchants from dark sealed chests anymore, only the exotic ones

well I guess I just missed it lol, I knew about the dark sealed chest change but not regular chest drops

Yeah, dark sea is worth it now! Sometimes its still boring, but ya can get more loot

Yeah, it used to be my biggest demotivator when doing expeditions, now its much bearable knowing it is guaranteed to be an exotic rather than a bronze sea chest enchant

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I got travelled to the far reaches… I sailed on waves that reached into the sad and decrepit skys… I walked upon the vast wastelands and split apart ruins of the treacherous waters… Everyone I loved I lost…

And what do I have to show for it?

Bursting scroll

W change

U can only go for like 20 chests explore like 5 islands and get 2 scrols from it + scroll drops increased from ds chests, finally no more 2hrs trips

One of the (few) better changes of this update

Thats not a better change, thats the bigest W SKIBIDI OHIO MASSIVE BASKIG FANTUM TAX SHARK FEETEX GYAAT CHANGE ever

Its still bandit beating mixed with sailing and horror which is only a stupid gimmick lmao