Dark Sea Expeditions

So is anyone able to venture into the dark sea or do you all die after a few seconds? Tried a few times and have died repeatedly. Do ou need to make some special kind of food using those insanity mushrooms from arkeius keep?

Dark sea exploration isnt implemented yet
Its meant to kill you instantly when you sail in

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The dark sea currently has no content (Aside from the strange weather), so vetex has just put up the insanity 5 thing as a sort of barrier until it gets a update
The update should come within the relative near future, presumably a few months

Thanks for the info guys. Had already started trying stuff
Ate this and it started playing some dialogues…Will eat it on arkeius keep and see if its effects amplify. Just a bit of lore but I think the reason Arkeius keep became how it is due to the appearance of the death curse

it’s literally explained in the story why arkursius keep is the way it is

There is a quest on the island from some specter. His diary says that they were Ravenna soldiers all posted at the keep. So this probably happened after all that. Also the king just wiped everyone at once. The specter said everything became gradually weird until an explosion of Black and teal something. The only curse with those colors I’ve seen so far is the death curse.

didn’t they say it was chaos tho

Still getting used to the forum but I think the reason why Akursius Keep is the way it is is because: (Spoiler) Winterveil used to be there and since the King of Ravenna completely destroyed it and used the rubble to build a Keep for his Kingdom over the graves of all those dead, the soldiers there eventually became depressed due to being haunted and some even ended their lives until they were all hit by a black and teal explosion which was probably Durza blowing up.

Durza exploding wouldn’t have directly struck Akursius keep, and if it did there would be a whole lot more destroyed islands.
The explosion happened about a month before the story starts when, to my understanding, Akursius has been like that for ages.

The book makes it pretty straightforward that Chaos showed up and this is the aftermath.

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Yeah, Chaos is likely the culprit in the destruction of Akursius Keep. Even the lore document talks about how Chaos was attracted to the Earth after and ravaged many islands due to the power of Durza’s attack.

What a mess, wonder if we’ll find more islands like Akursius Keep in the Nimbus Sea.

Durza attracting chaos was around 1854, while Rackham’s journal took place in 1806, so I think those are two separate instances of chaos’s destruction

This took place around 1800, and may have been near the same time as the Arkursius incident. There’s not too much to go off, other than chaos being “attracted to evil”