Dark Sea Fishing in the depths // Deep Dark Sea Issue?

Do the dark sea ranges change ANYTHING with fishes and/or increase chances of Massive fishes? Is there any benefit to going deeper AT ALL or is it just range 2 that is elite? Also, when you go deeper into dark sea, do island just NOT spawn at all? Its an annoying issue and I don’t see island for 30 minutes or more, its frustrating.

Sea ranges affect what can spawn both on the sea and on islands, currently the recommended range is 1-2 as there’s nothing new beyond range 2 aside from stronger enemies.

Anything related to fishing though in the deeper ranges? No changes at all that is known?

I think range 1+ converts any fish with a giant modifier to the massive modifier, but that’s about it.

Really? Damn, is that actually so? :sob:

Well yeah, the dark seas are very unfinished

Got it then, thanks for your answers!

You’re welcome!

Nah, it’s not really the same odds, Giants are unobtainable tho, but Giants in Bronze Sea are still more common than Massive in Dark Sea (if you’re using same rod and potion luck ofc)