Dark Sea lore thread PT2 (the small update)

Leviathan foreshadowing

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solidified people? Earth Curse?

when I first saw the statues I made a joke about Gorgons being teased but holy shit was I actually right???

It could be from Durzas missed blast and they got stoned from it

Huh…funni fish…Well then…

Time to hunt this monster!

Insert cool monster hunter music in the background I guess.

This is the symbol of Hermes, I found another symbol that was apparently related to Hades

In case you guys didn’t find this symbol already

i found these on a purple island lol

first image has hades symbol

this is a symbol for kraken or something similar i think

possibly related to poseidon? idk

youd ont know what that is?

The statue to the side of the logo has more ancient armour from medieval times most likely if inspected closely.

You can destroy them to get tainted urchin spikes. They don’t do anything yet but maybe at some point they will

Must find mimhere

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Also this

Collecting skulls like they’re figurines

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isnt that statue “the exiled”