Dark Sea Planned Content: Mikrousia and Meglousia overview

So as we all know, the dark sea trello page was updated with tons of new planned content.

one thing that stands out to me (aside from the dragonblood ritual) is the satyr page:


Yeah yeah spirit weapons bla bla bla but I wanna draw attention to the last paragraph, where it mentions two reagents that permanently make the player smaller/larger by 5%, up to a max of 15%, along with giving hp/attack size/agility changes with it.

I was interested in how this would look comparatively, so I edited a photo to get a rough look at it. Here you lot are:




On one hand this is an interesting concept that could be fun, but on the other hand it and the dragon thing sound like another fairly annoying thing to have to grind

Vetex my boy, why can’t I have access to a green spirit aura?

I heavily doubt that you’d have to grind it out more than once per tier of dragon

Yeah but there are gonna be named ones farther in that are stronger and I have no doubt that they’ll have different buffs when you kill them and it’ll be a bit of a chore to not only get to where they spawn but also find the one you want. Unless you’re allowed to have every single dragon’s buff in which case its not so bad.

by green aura it probably means something like the slight blue aura on the eagle patrimony

obviously we’d get every single one man it doesn’t take a genius to figure out limiting it to one is kinda boring

I don’t think its that “obvious”. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’ve been limited on stuff already. At most people will only ever have 3 of the many magics or fs, or the number of techniques or spells you can have for one magic or fs. Its not like it wouldn’t make sense either for Vetex to decide people should only have one permanent buff from these dragons at a time as a way to further differentiate builds.

my canonically 7’5 oc can now look actually tall

Im going to 6th layer just to get vastus size body

if this comes out, im thinking of making my atlantean warrior a hulking giant. But i feel like a normal sized atlantean could be pretty menacing as well

do you think becoming larger or smaller would affect your hitbox?

hopefully not tbh