Dark Sea sky islands (not what you think, read please)

Dark Sea sky islands (not what you think, read please) https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/optimized/3X/4/c/4cec2aa7219ba9fb0969866f1050029f534f1483_2_1024x568.png
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You may know that some islands in the Dark Sea are really really tall. If not, here’s an example

(In this video I’m affected by some weird glitch where the fog of the Dark Sea just doesn’t want to appear, I leaved the game when I saw it wouldn’t go away)

As you can see, this island is stupidly tall, the best thing in all of that is that it took us 40 minutes to climb and guess what?
We got only one sealed chest

So now, the suggestion:
Add some sort check that “check” the height of a Dark Sea Islands, and if it’s (I don’t know) the same height as the Stepstones or higher, it becomes a “Sky Island”.

Dark Sea Sky Islands are not just floating islands, to spawn they need to be linked to a “main structure” (like the island in the video), and under them, they’re clouds like cirrus or the myriad. Also, so it’s not too complex, they are of the same biome of the “main” island.

Quick drawing made on paint to show you the thing:

(I tried my best, okay?)

But why adding this?
Because, on these Sky Islands, more structures, meaning that more Dark Sealed Chest could spawn. In the case of the island in the video, there was only 2 stuctures.


Look I’m famous

We didn’t even get one, Altoe couldn’t find it.


That doesn’t change the fact there was only one sealed chest

maybe make an agility build to have on standby

We need more rewards on the top of these tall dark sea islands

500 prometheus’ acrimonies


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Interesting idea, but how would you get onto the dark sky islands?

These are bridges

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Maybe make the bridges have a bit of damage considering how everything else has damage?
Just a thought.

Also please, this. The spires hurt my soul.

I hate climbing them for nothing

Very good suggestion, dark sea sky islands could be very cool. There could even be like a secret safe haven sky island where its so high the dark sea fog doesn’t reach it making it a place where there might be like an actual person or something

“You’re… unaffected?”

“I thought you were one of the brutes making an attempt on my life.”.

“I’m not expecting you to rescue me or anything, I’ve accepted my fate, but at least I can still hold onto my mind.”

“I don’t really care what goes on down there now.”

“After all, it’s pointless caring. I don’t know how much time has passed…Anyone I care about could either have forgotten about me or died by this point.”

This is a peak suggestion. Hopefully it can prevent this:
> Spends 3 minutes climbing comically tall spire with 300 agility build
> Nothing
> Do the same 3 more times
> Still nothing
> Damn

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