Dawn of the final day (24 hours remain)

technically 16 hours early but better early than late. My question for the Arcane Odyssey community this time is why you’re so excited for the game’s release. For bonus, what feature are you most excited for in AO?

I have been here since World of Magic generation 12. I still remember old WoM, and when it was still popular. I always loved playing World of Magic, but there’s an Arcane Odyssey coming our way. How can you possibly not be excited? It’s been more than 2 years since the announcement of tgr and everyone has been waiting.

The feature I’m most excited for is clan building, because I love to build stuff in games. I also played a lot of Bloxburg just for the building, but I would rather not be in a clan. I just wanna join one for building, or maybe even become a known builder when the clan building update comes out.

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My most desired feature is Fighting Styles ig, Im just looking forward to farming Elius and Argos

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I’m really looking forwards to exploration tasks because doing those with my warlock (who I’ve given an adventurous, high spirited nature with the downside of being clumsy and naive) would feel right at home doing some of these tasks.

Basically everything in here:

This all feels surreal ngl, 2+ years of waiting and it’s finally here :pray:


i’m hyped for arcane odyssey because it’s one of the few big roblox games that have a lot of genuine passion and effort put into them. in a time where the platform is incredibly dry, this game will give me a much needed distraction.

also, from what i’ve seen, it has the sense of exploration and adventure rarely seen in the platform. plus, it’s a sequel of arcane adventures, a game i enjoyed a lot and feel a lot of nostalgia around. hopefully, iit’ll capture the same feeling.

in terms of favorite features, it’d likely have to be imbuement, because it’s hard to find that sort of interaction between systems in games.

the feature i’m most excited for is ice magic’s new shape

also second magic and guild builds

I have been a fan of world of magic for like 2 years now, and I’ve been dying to get more story content of some kind. I like exploring in games and AO is going to be so much fun to just look for all the little secrets and learn about the lore and what my character’s role is in this universe, as well as prestige my magic and make a character that feels unique to me and fun to play as.

I’ll finally have something fun to play besides deepwoken and doors :frcryin: ( Im so done with dealing with being ganked all the time )
Also im most hyped fot the dark seas it’s gonna be so fun

bro Im about cry that its finally releasing and how long we’ve been waiting for the game
we had an entire time skip arc which fish said


Because there will finally be something good to play on Roblox

Wallpaper Engine, Medal and a Hotkey

the amount of customization + how much i know the community

weirdly enough the thing im most hyped for is the exploration

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