Dawn of the final day. A few hours remain

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wait what huh

am i missing something?

twitter is trying to make animesexuality a real thing, like the attraction to anime charaters. Weeb is a slur according to them, and if you say weeb you are animephobic. I can proudly call myself animephobic



imagine trying to bring a sexual attraction to japanese cartoon characters into the lgbtq+ community… next thing you know people are going to be saying their attraction to animals should make them a part of it as well.,…



They’re already saying that last part.


some tf2 fans harassed some guy who was probably really fucking annoying
now this guy thinks that he can bring down a community that has been alive for 13+ years

yea but this is probably going to fuel it even more

but also maybe not since lotta weebs are going fucking apeshit over this person trying to do this lmfao
like fr they’re laughing at this guy

i heavily dislike anime but
holy shit yeah weebs fucking get them

Pedos once said that their attraction to children should make them part of the lgbtq… So I really wouldn’t be surprised.

it was like MAP or something
i say it means ‘‘minorly attractive pedo’’

cool fact, the whole MAP pedo thing was a 4chan troll, some pedos didn’t think it was a joke however.

And that is precisely why I take a shotgun with me wherever I go. Just in case I run into a MAP.

it’s “minor-attracted person” but aside from that yea basically what it means

Oh no…

i still dont get why MAP exists
like bro your gonna be put on a fucking watchlist and probs gonna be investigated for that shit
so gl

idk all MAPs come off as wack in the head
and on a slightly relevant note what makes it worse is that there’s literally a community of minors on twitter who look for MAPs and crap
it’s sick
i think they’re just genuinely not aware of the consequences and how bad the whole situation actually is but m