Dead Revival CURSE

Does anyone have any idea what the dead revival curse would be like? I know it isn’t really an element, so it would probably be an external curse. B U T external curses allow you to manipulate something and/or gain a passive effect, like freedrocks revival. Problem is even though every magic has a curse variant, dead revival MAGIC already has these effects, so what would it’s curse variant even do?

it lets you revive dead


the curse variant makes you look cooler and more swag

I don’t think there is a curse variant even as an external

Dead Revival Magic, but on steroids.

aw jeez, this is a tough one! the dead revival curse??? I dunno man, maybe it like, causes super big explosions of blazing hot lightning? or wait, no, maybe it’s an unstable fusion of light and darkness??? jeez I can’t remember this, I dunno maybe it revives the dead and brings them back to life? man, I’m just speculating here, vetex clearly didn’t work out the lore for this one well, and the name is so confusing and not self explanatory at all!!1!!11

N A A H the magic can already revive the dead, but the curse must add S O M E T H I N G to it. I’m just tryna figure that out

actually wait just curveballing but what if it makes super cold freezing winds of ice and snow?

A dead revival curse probably doesn’t exist, as dead revival is a magic made by Hades that has to be learned.

you could say that about Prometheus and all the grand fire magics but I get the feeling they maybe just might have curse variants.

no no, unlike the grand fire magics, the grand fire CURSES are:
1: NOT magical imitations, meaning instead of magic pretending to be that element, you acctually control that physical element, like how rock and a amgically-generatd rock are different

2: the grand fire curses allow you to turn into grand fire as well, something the magic doesn’t do

why would it?

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