Dear Nekosaikou

Im sending you an open letter for you, for i have something to ask of you
making this a public topic this is a way of showing my openness

do you want to go on a date @NEKOSAIKOU ?


First thing’s first, are you fine with an open relationship?

neko I know the best date place, it’s the AO Forums Party.

The best place in all of history, we have funny funny sex!! PLEASE COME!!

partly, depends on the person.

i already have a place marked down

snowcrab tell him to join funny funny ao forums party for daet yes yes

okay what if you bring the place to my place

we can even give you channel

hm actually not a bad idea, you’re admin right?

Then what are you not fine about on a certain person. My answer may depend on your answer.

i’m mod but i can still make channels… i think


lol no

close friends on forums, Tell and Eli especially.

Not you too…

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I see, well then, let me think about it. Memonga has also asked me out on a date as well after all.

Kyaaaaaaaaaa~!!! Im about to choose who I should date with from two people! The perfect otome dream!!

The forums are getting worse and worse by the post.


nothing to see here!
nothing at all!

Are y’all, though? I can’t tell.