Debate: Goldie is actually the better Animal Crossing dog

Isabelle is overrated and oversexualized, Goldie is a pure gal, there is no evil in her wide and pitch eyes, she is a vessel of purity and kindness

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Goldie doesn’t wear pants and her crotch is constantly exposed, meanwhile Isabelle actually wears pants

fur is her pants, ps, isabelle wears skirt

Skirts, pants, if it covers up it’s the same thing. But no, fur is not pants. That’s why the chefs in Ratatouille were appalled when they saw Remy, it was because he had no pants

explain this

They’re all going to Hell.


bro… you were born no pants, time to go to hell you sick fuck

As the doctor who delivered Jumbo, I can confirm he was born wearing pants.

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oh shit good, i’ve been losing sleep over this post.

Yeah, sorry guys that I didn’t clear that up. Don’t worry, I’m not going to Hell :+1: Goldie is though.

i no longer am playing animal crossing feel free to roast goldie