Debate: ROBLOX servers and their stability

Ever since big games like Adopt Me, Jailbreak, and Piggy have come out, there’s been a problem for the ROBLOX fanbase.
That problem you ask? Servers. Games that are big attract players, and of course, you need servers for those players to play their game on.

The recent pandemic everyone has been resulting to play more virtual games, instead of sports as well.

ROBLOX is being hit hard by this, not by the virus, but by themselves and the huge player-base increase.

I get 50 ping in Among Us, CS:GO, TF2, and whenever I boot up World of Magic or the Wild West, guess what?
300-500 ping. What?! That’s insane.

I would love to hear the WoM community’s response to the fate of the ROBLOX servers recently.
So, put your thoughts in the replies. Have a good day.


Server locations have an impact (I hear), but yeah same T_T


server locations play a huge role in ping
sure, more people are playing roblox now, but the servers are still around the same as they’ve been in size

wild west and wom are fairly beefy games, especially compared to among us

I’m Australian, and the closest servers for me are AS (Asian) servers, which are located in Asia, and not in Oceania

at this point i truly think it’s necessary for roblox to upgrade their servers. they’re a billion dollar company with large amounts of reputation to uphold and I don’t see any downside to upgrade besides some servers being down for a few days.

it seems they only want to appeal to the larger population, rather than the minute population of people who play faster, more server reliant games like BM2, The Wild West, WOM, or RL

Among Us is a game with simple graphics and you could even have a PC that can’t run games well run Among Us fine with experiencing not much ping

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I won’t say roblox has good or bad servers because I have no idea, but like everyone said, you can’t compare the big games of roblox to among us for obvious reasons.

Usually I have no problem until one of the big boy games like piggy or especially adopt me decides to shut down all there servers for a big update, in these cases Roblox has a flip flopping heart attack cause adopt me is flecking huge.

honestly, we need roblox to buy better servers.
they prob have like 5 billion dollars under their belt, judging from recent numbers.

I wonder what they use all that money on…

I want Adopt Me and Piggy to die

Piggy is so overrated imo

It’s been pretty hellish, yeah.
it ruins quite a few skill-based games where dodging is a necessity and reading your opponent’s actions is incredibly important.
The game I’d say that has been most affected?

Shinjuku, 2006. A The Streets-style game, but less annoying. Combat is incredibly bad (which is apart of why the community consists mostly of looters running for items and selling them now), only because once you fire a rifle like twice, the user of it lags the fuck out and can end you off right then and there due to their lag.
Roblox’s servers are so terrible that lag is granting an unfair advantage to players.

Roblox servers have a history of being straight up unfiltered grade-A Trash. I still wonder why the team over at roblox has not considered upgrading their servers (I’m not a server genius so i’m probably in no place to say that). If roblox wants to support big/demanding games on their platform like wom, something has to change.

Roblox as a company is too much of a cheapskate to actually do anything beneficial for its players
Just have everyone flood the Adopt Me and Piggy servers for some ez cash and leave literally everyone else out to rot
Also my ping fucking explodes in Roblox while its fine literally anywhere else

It’s a wonder how despite how big Roblox is, we still have minor issues such as this. But I don’t know what the full story is, it might be justifiable Idk.

parties, maybe

0/10 I’d buy roblox a server and everyone would lose like 20 ping

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all i dislike is when people blame adopt me for roblox’s shitty performance, even tho its just roblox’s servers fault. you had no idea how many fires i had to quell in tds discord cus everyone is rioting to delete adopt me.

but yeah, roblox needs to get better servers


that’s it
my ping is basically dying of cancer due to how unstable the servers are