Decrease Stamina Drain from Swimming

Decrease Stamina Drain from Swimming
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In my opinion, stamina drain from swimming should be lowered a certain amount.
Honestly, on average, people aren’t even drowning cause of air, but cause they run out of stamina and slowly descend down to the depths without a way to escape.

they get sent to the depths

also you are being invited to the funny chatroom



This would sort of reduce the point of boats (meaning that if your boat sinks, you’d still live, making boat pvp pointless). Along with that, this makes it easier to run away from people (ex. those coward “rankers” who just run) as well as make heat-based magic worse due to people running into the ocean more frequently. You can already swim halfway from Silverhold to Harvest Island, which is good enough.

the stamina drain is alright rn, realistically you shouldnt even be swimming for long periods of time and it does the job well enough when all you need to do for most underwater stuff is let yourself sink then swim back up for air
the benefit of the reduced air drain is that you can stay underwater for longer before having to swim back up, which would have been a huge issue for all that new underwater loot if you always spend like 10 sec going down, 4 sec looting and 10 sec going back up

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I mean the only sensible change to stamina is to have no stamina drain when the player is treading water in a single place without moving.

noh :-1:


Not needed, you shouldn’t be swimming for so long anyways. It’s fine as it is.

Bunch of people here saying that this is bad because ships will be unneeded.

How else are you going to gather and transport sealed chests?
Even if you could swim from point A to point B, using a ship would be faster, more profitable
AND safer.



better idea
no more of the harsh stamina drain if you swim too far a shark automatically spawns

I’ve died way too many times because of lack of stamina :skull:

Too easy to kill

fuck you then a white eyes spawns

me when 7 sharks appear

My issues have already been stated by everyone else, but i wanted to add on with a situation when I’m trying to bring cargo into an area, but while holding it, I fall off my boat and fall into the water. Then I try to find a way to get up, but I can’t since for some reason Frostmill doesn’t have any slanted parts. Not only that, you cant climb on anything except for your own boat whenever youre holding a crate. Once I realize all of this, my stamina would have drained already, and as I try to get to my boat, I begin to sink downwards and drown with my cargo.
Thats kind of my only annoyance, since for some reason, some docks dont have slants you can swim on

this good enough?

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No, that’s air, not stamina.
Even with increased lung capacity, that wont help when I cant swim back to the surfsce cause im lacking stamina.
Ive had times where I just slowly fall down to the bottom of the ocean cause I ran out of stamina so many times, watching the air slowly drain

close enough id say