Decrease Trust Requirements

I made this account just for posting my few dozen ideas, which I checked, nobody else suggested yet; then I found out that I need to get a certain trust level, which is absurd because mostly everything else has no requirements.

15 days isn’t long. Be patient to get trust level 2, and you can post suggestions.

Alright. I can do that.


I think its because people kept posting Rougue ideas and vet got sick of it, but I really don’t know if that’s true.

If the trust requirement was lower people like Mal could actually post in suggestions after a day.

It would make it extremely easy to raid the suggestions forum on the daily with shit and joke ideas just to harass the mods.

You could still post them in #game-discussion if you want some feedback/criticism/opinions as well.

Thats the other thing about the trust requirement, it forces people to actually have to share things with the community before shoving them into suggestions.

Terrible 0 thought likely troll ideas will get flagged and stomped on in game discussion, which usually discourages dumb kids from trying to post garbage in the actual suggestions category.

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Honestly I think it may be TOO easy to get access to suggestions and may make it harder.


I think the likes received and likes given for trust level 2 are way too low (being just 1 of each)
It wouldn’t be hard to reach those requirements by just asking for a like in off topic and giving a like to whoever replies.

If the requirements do get increased, would the people who already met them get to keep the ability to post in suggestions?

did you get trustst level 3 yet?? i hsve some ideas i wannan run by

Nobody that didn’t have early access can have trust level 3 yet, it requires 50 days minimum along with multiple other requirements