Deepwoken Luck 1000

adept at power 2 with 1 grip worth of luck-

How the actual fuck

I’m going to pretend I know how rare this is since I don’t play Deepwoken

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I probably gripped atleast over 40 people at power 51 and still haven’t got adept :weary:

i got adept once at power 2 or 3 but i was in the depths and didnt know how to escape yet so i wiped immediately after

Did you kill any enchance/corrupted enemies there?


I’ve heard that killing enchanced squibbo and people with extremenly high luck gives the most luck

enchanted squibbo doesn’t exist im 90% sure

also you steal 50% of someones luck if u grip them

primadon gives most luck rn, at 15 luck (max is 150 luck)

this do be a dub

midwoken is a card game now

another reason not to play it :yawning_face: