Deepwoken vs Blox Fruits

Its looking grim

So like

when shitfruits inevitably wins

how we gonna cope?

Innovation awards aren’t even real

boy cott blox fruits

They’re not really “innovation” awards they’re more just like “which game is more appealing to dumb little kids” awards



which game has more microtransactions awards :fire:


the people not voting for it already don’t play it though

I don’t have bobux for Deepwoken :sob:

me just enjoying Blox Fruits instead of DW cuz my broke ahh dont got no choice

rant for the IA…

i have no complaints for most categories. MOST make sense. Roleplay/Sim? Checks out. Obby? Yeah, those are all obbies. Education? Weird category since virtually nobody plays those but… yeah.

Action/RPG, though. Blox Fruits is just frustrating. It’s a major cashgrab, and their community is typically much worse than Deepwoken’s. Also, the combat is much spammier and (mostly) less skill-based, primarily because of the lack of parrying, dodging, etc. It appeals to a younger audience, however, which is why it’s further ahead.

BUT STRATEGY IS WORSE. HOW THE HELL IS TSB A STRATEGY GAME (and don’t say “ohhh because of combos” because then things like Blox Fruits, Project Smash, and even Arcane Odyssey would be strategy, and that is NOT the case.)

And it frustrates me more because TSB is already in another category. And no, I will NOT be complaining about Guts and Blackpowder being in two categories because I know it won’t be winning either, so it’s not really fair regardless.

TSB being in Best Fighting makes sense. It’s a fighting game. Strategy isn’t a part of it whatsoever. And it sucks more because I already know it’s going to win both categories…

Well, probably. Let’s go back to Blox Fruits. It’s ALSO in two categories, and does NOT feel like an RPG game, nor a “proper” fighting game. PVP isn’t really a “core” mechanic of the game, it’s just there because there’s really nothing more to do.

It’s really cheap that Guts & Blackpowder (not really a fighting game but whatever) and TYPE:SOUL (a relatively newer game with lower popularity) were pit up against TSB and Blox Fruits, even though both of them feel improper in one of the two categories they were in.

Rant almost over. I just wanna discuss the other, lesser-talked about categories real quick.

Primarily Content Creators. Listen, I like Kreek and all, but putting him up against the other 3 is real cheap. He’s for sure winning. If they wanted to put popular videostars on the mantle, put MORE extremely relevent ones. Kreek, for the past like, year, has been very relevent, and he’s the only one of the 4 i’ve actually heard lots of discussion about.

Otherwise, a better choice would have been to put 4 relatively unknown creators on there, (4 Youtubers with around 100k-500k subs, not around 1 mil) creating both traffic to their channels as well as promoting an ideology of Roblox being “for the underdogs.”

Overall, this year’s IA is just blegh. Plain categories, boring choices, unfit choices, and unfair competitions.

P.S. I just want to mention incentives real quick. I’m all for devs giving their playerbase reasons to vote, but TSB using KJ, Blox Fruits using… leaks?, and Sol’s RNG using like, P2W features I think is just real shitty.

Personally, if I were a dev and I had my game on here, I would give players a sort of incentive to just participate. Like, “oh hey to celebrate us being nominated, there’ll be a new cool update, REGARDLESS of if we win or not.”

Not “oh hey you guys are depraved of leaks for an update that should have come out like, HALF A YEAR AGO, if we win you get some!” or “hey, community, remember that character you all wanted but we said you won’t get? well, if we win, you can have em!”

Footnotes I guess:

No hate. TSB is pretty fun, hardworking devs. I could care less for Blox Fruits. And uhhh, Sol’s RNG is… meh. Yeah those are really the only games I have issues with. IA this year is just real cheap.

Jeez looking back through this post, this is a massive yap :sob:

sorry i’m depraved of communicating because i have 0 friends so i yap and rant when i can


I would have went with a game like Blox Tales which actually heavily focuses on strategy and executes it well.

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ooohhhh good point. jeez how did i forget about Blox Tales.

Blox Tales would have also fit the RPG section instead of Blox Fruits. Did the organizers make a typo or something twice?

and what’s more is Blox Tales feels like an actually good passion project, not some cashgrab One Piece rip-off that keeps blue-balling their fanbase

As much as I dog Deepwoken, I don’t want to see them getting diffed by a more shittier game


Which, of course, is why Roblox wouldn’t even consider it.

enjoying blox fruits is like enjoying watching piss evaporate in a room temperature shed


finally a good skittle take

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I tried to use this one game called “better discovery” to find strategy games on roblox and like 90% of the stuff under the strategy tag was stuff like shooters, rpgs, etc. It sucks ass, I think a lot of people are confusing a game requiring you to use strategy(which is like most games lol) with a strategy game.

The Strongest Pay to Win in history versus The Strongest Brainrot of today

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