Deepwoken vs Blox Fruits

it’s themed around old roblox they’d probably try to find some reason to ban it tbh

which imo i don’t really like, but gotta force the dummies that think AO’s a bandit beater to stop thinking that somehow

yea, that’s why i think it’s a good change but i get why some people don’t like it

Shows that Roblox really lost their touch with the community and only appreciates games that make them money. Now I’ve joined Roblox on 2016, but, I’ve seen and remember how interactive Roblox was with their community. I believe they’ve lost their “interactivity” because Roblox wasn’t as popular as it is now and they needed to be creative to keep their platform engaging.
David’s plan was to always allow the users to generate content but it has came down to seeing “Sol’s RNG” as the best new experience, actually ridiculous.

I never mentioned Blox Fruits because I never played it and your description of Blox Fruit’s endgame is further convincing me not to play it.

fr we somehow gotta start this
trust we should set up a debate or some shit against blox fruit forums (is that even a thing) so we can prove our arcane superiority against them :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

uhh do they even have a forum?
answer: probably not
conclusion: we are superior because we have a forum and they dont

ez debate won blox fruits proven worse never play the game again award for best RPG removen so free :yawning_face:

“Erm actually its called a ‘experiance’” :nerd_face:

Hey what about you go experiance the outside nature? Actually in fact, why don’t you go experiance some bitc-

ooh mb then i thought you were saying ao and deepwoken’s endgame is worse than blox fruits lmao

Nah it was just a rant that Deepwoken and Arcane Osyssey’s endgame is terrible. But, don’t get me wrong, they’re still a good. In fact, I would say both games has a ton of potential if they follow the right path. But, I am pretty sure Deepwoken is cooked unless they secretly working on layer 3 or World Events (Like bro, the people voted for Workd Events not Conquest goofy)

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Arcane Odyssey in the long run is not even close to being in a state where it even HAS a endgame. Sure at it’s current state after reaching level 140 there is not much to do outside of PvP and bounties. The real endgame is at like around level 600.

I feel like AO’s endgame isn’t replayable or sustainable, even if it was at the end of the story.

I’m sure vetex will find a way to tweak it a bit.

After careful consideration for ten minutes, I’ve decided on an acryonym to describe the perfect endgame. Introducing the RRVCOS method. No my acronym doesn’t need work you need work

A good endgame must include

A good endgame should avoid being

What this means

  • Content must be able to be repeated
  • Content must provide a reward
  • Content must be varied
  • Content must be challenging

  • Content shouldn’t be overly difficult to the point it’s unfun, level 260 enemies
  • Content shouldn’t be centred on one part of the playerbase, it should be fun for all.

Current "Content" overviewed with the acronym

The Dark Sea

  • Is repeatable
  • Provides rewards
  • Is not varied
  • Is not challenging (Due to invis potions)

PvE Bounty Enemies

  • Is repeatable
  • Does not provide a large reward
  • Is somewhat varied
  • Is challenging
  • Is overtuned

PvP in Arenas

  • Is repeatable
  • Does not provide a reward
  • Is varied
  • Is challenging
  • Is Specific

PvP Hunting

  • Is repeatable
  • Provides reward
  • Is varied
  • No comment on challenge
  • Is Specific.

Pirate Ship Hunting

  • Is repeatable
  • Provides little reward
  • Little variation
  • Occasionally challenging
  • Is occasionally overtuned.

Badge Collecting

  • Isn’t repeatable
  • Provides reward
  • Little variation
  • Rarely challenging
  • Specific

What this means for the future:


  • Ensure fun without becoming a bandit beater


  • Rewards should avoid being a must have for PvP builds that’s boring
  • Rewards could be stuff like new modifiers, cosmetics, unique niche weapons and item pieces outside of a major set.


  • Firstly this is fixed with just a greater amount of content.
  • Secondly, the more enemy types should make the Dark Sea more fun
  • Thirdly, having more events that are announced in the Agora such as minibosses can add to this
  • Fourthly more “random” content like enemy towers are good for this
  • Fively (Shut up) once Kingdom Alignment comes out this should also help with variety


  • Legendary Ships should be hard. Don’t make them easy. Don’t overtune them. Make them difficult but fun, think Calvus.
  • Make sure there’s always the option of more difficulty. The reward of doing something hard can make something many times more fun.


  • Balance? In an Arcane game?


  • Don’t be PvP only
  • Vary activity types. Give a wide range of options. Somebody will like something

waffle over


fr man almost everything that’s replayable is either boring as hell or ties into pvp in some way