Defense Changes

Defense Changes
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Defense Changes:
I’m going to keep this brief. Essentially what I want is for defense to be separated from the health bar in the current way it is showcased. Instead of it being + HP that doesn’t count towards your actual HP, it will now actually be armor.

For starters, an indicator for this could be your green health bar being covered in a yellow one indicating your defense HP. This armored health bar will receive reduced damage (10% DR; 50% efficiency for blocking), however, to balance this the health bar cannot regenerate barring some potential exceptions that can be voted on.

Secondly, by separating the health and armor/defense bars, we can now change up how armor piercing works (assuming it doesn’t work like this already). So instead of it just doing more damage based on your defense, it specifically targets your defense stat.

So let’s assume a max of 5 AP, and make every 1 AP reduce defense DR by -4%.
Eg. Assuming 10% DR
1 AP: -4% Defense DR (100 damage base → 94; 6% DR)
5 AP: -20% Defense DR (100 damage base → 110; -10% DR)

When defense breaks, it reduces an overlapping damage to 0 assuming a certain threshold. So no running like 54 defense to turn a 500 damage attack to 0. If you have 54 defense, then 108 damage can be negated whilst the rest bypasses (this is mainly to address AP doing higher damage to defense).

Thirdly, this will also affect the resistance aura/focus. The HP boost provided from these will be considered defense/armor. Unlike defense from armor, however, this actually regenerates over time (faster when charging). Although you can vote on this.

I forgot to include this earlier, but thankfully the edit button exists. When out of combat defense will regen like normal HP. In-combat, kills heal like normal.

Alright, now onto some polls.

Armor Defense Regen (Focus/Aura)
  • It should regen armor defense to 100% (100% of defense stat)
  • It should regen armor defense to 50% (50% of defense stat)
  • It should regen armor defense to 25% (25% of defense stat)
  • It should not regen armor defense (0% of defense stat; only thing regenning is focus/aura armor)
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Defense Regen (No aura/focus)
  • It should regen on it’s own after a period of time
  • It should regen after a period of time after you hit someone
  • It should begin regen after hitting someone
  • It should not regen at all (maybe aura/focus as an exception depending on votes, and Spirit Weapons)
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Vitality Builds (Spirit Weapons)
  • Spirit Weapons should regen Defense HP due to it drawing upon “Creation” energy
  • Spirit Weapons should only regen defense HP on hit
  • Spirit Weapons should only regen defense HP on hit and only a % of that damage is what is regenerated
  • Spirit Weapons should not regen defense HP
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Vitality Hybrids (assuming people want defense regen on spirit weapons)
  • 50% efficiency for magic/fs/weapon vit hybrids (magic/fs/weapon and spirit weapons can regen defense, but Spirit weapons 100%)
  • 50/50 split (magic/fs/weapon and spirit weapons can regen defense, but at 50% efficiency for both)
  • No regen split for vit hybrids (solely spirit weapons at 100%)
  • Spirit weapon regen 50% efficiency (solely spirit weapons again)
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Tell me if I cooked here, because at least this change completely separates HP and Defense which looks to be the direction we are going anyways. This also ensures that AP doesn’t affect damage done to your true HP which it shouldn’t anyways since it’s meant to be anti-defense.

this would be a lot better, however I think there should be more ways to regen defense, like a 15 - 30 second cooldown if you haven’t been hit (DOTs would count here) and it shouldn’t be insanely fast, +this way vetex could add something similar to transcendence from risk of rain 2 (short description: turns all health into defense but adds a bunch of it).

ok so if defense from armor becomes its own separate healthbar then it should 100% be directly linked to how broken your armor looks.

I can add that as a vote, I might’ve intended to include one for a passive regen. One idea I had was that it could start regenning after you hit someone.

Added a poll, but to be honest I still would rather if it is on hit for Spirit Weapons to be better.

perhaps a niche idea could be to let your defense regen twice as fast in a settlement of your alignment (good or evil and perhaps kingdoms later on) as long as you’re not in combat (or have not been hit for x amount of time)

Maybe but like you said that is a niche thing. Although it would give defenders (kingdom stuff) an advantage which could help depending on how that gets handled.

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not sure how often you arent in combat but need massive healing, as it already takes like a minute to leave combat which by default is necessarily enough to heal 60% of your health minimum.
and if it triggered in combat then thats kinda unfair

true, it doesn’t take long to regenerate in general and in almost every case you’ll be safe enough to regenerate even if you’re really low

Not sure if I should take this seriously or not with the clam and conch jokes.

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