Defensive Magic

Since I can’t post on suggestions might as well put it here . What I mean by defensive magic is having magic circles protecting a certain area. It will cost a certain amount of mana to make a shield appear then will be draining mana to keep it up , it will have a certain amount of health (obviously) to not be able to block any attack and the more the shield is powerful the more mana it will cost (again that’s pretty obvious). When the shield is deactivated it will be on a cool down for the casters of the spell to be vulnerable and not spam defensive spells to block an attack. If the HP of the shield of the caster hits 0 he will be unable to make any action for a few seconds and the cool down will be longer because the shield broke. A few suggestions of what kind of defensive spells I imagined : A normal directional shield (probably for beginners). A shield bubble : less hp but covers everywhere. A wall : a normal shield but bigger and stronger for very strong players [costs lots of mana] A body shield : surrounds your character in magic creating some sort of thin but strong protective barrier where you can move around with but will constantly will be draining your mana. (side note : If this is accepted it will probably be hard to recreate and will probably be for much later updates). Alright that’s my idea I took some time to try to explain this, hope everyone likes it and I hope it gets accepted because this would change the pvp of this game a lot in a good way. :smile: (I know shields are already planned but I’m just giving ideas).

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Shield is a planned skill type for Mastery on the trello.

I searched everywhere on the trello for something like my idea and found nothing how did I miss it ? Where is it exactly ?

Annotation 2020-06-27 181740 It shows it here.

Ah I didn’t understand that correctly but even so I did give some ideas they might accept some I don’t know but by give magic any form it just didn’t click in my head that it could become a shield thanks for the info i appreciate it

I mean, that is true but I am assuming you shape your magic into a shield and that would be defensive usually, probably just similar to shield skill in arcane but with the actual shape of a shield.

Actually, fun fact, explosions can clash with blasts. I haven’t fully tested it out yet, and I can’t even guarantee that it’s reliable, but i’ve seen clashing effects whenever someone shoots a blast at me while i’m using an explosion.

Yes, every offensive attack in the game currently can clash except for beam vs beam because beams are hitscan.
To me shields feel like they will have high base clash rates and stop attacks based on such.

Interesting so they have already some things prepared just by creating AoE offensive magic