Define a toxic person for me

Just curious how y’all define a toxic person. Seems my definiton is a little more situational than most people’s here.

To illustrate, I define a toxic person as someone who is socially manipulative and destructive while seeming otherwise.

Instance One

An example would be my “friend” who would constantly try to play victim and act as hypocritical as one could. Two friends were in a musical with one senior whom they both were friends with. On the final performance of the musical, the senior was to write a letter. Now, the letter’s contents didn’t matter, for it would not be seen by the audience. Thus, the senior took the opportunity to write to a selected friend.

The letter was received by my normal friend, call him Aaron, however when the toxic friend, call them Rue, asked to see the letter they ran off with the letter and hasn’t given it back since. This was last year and still no word.

Instance Two

Another time, Rue had taken a valued item from Aaron during lunch. In an attempt to strike balance and make a barter for the item, I simply took one of their several Rubik’s cubes, offering a trade. They, of course, rather stood to get upset and cry about it. This was even longer ago than the previous instance, so the exact outcome was not remembered. That being said, such social tactics as crying for pity and attention really bothered me when you realize just how hypocritical they were being.

Instance Three

This occurs over a multitude of instances, however my friend Jack and Rue were relatively close, in that they’d be into the same things and constantly engage with one another. It was clear as day Rue had crushed on Jack, who was already in a relationship, and had stated plenty a time their discomfort from Rue saying things as, “you’re hot,” in a way they could easily spin as humor, while continuing to act as their best friend.

Another time with Jack was when they went to New York to witness a musical with their family (the musical might’ve been Dear Evan Hansen or something like that), to which Rue was left visibly bitter by the mention of in any circumstance (along with Jack’s boyfriend).

During all these instances I really couldn’t pin exactly why they remained friends with “Rue,” as I’d stated time and again just how toxic they were being, to the agreement of both “Jack” and “Aaron,” but I suppose something about them just made it hard to cut ties. Now Jack flat-out refuses to talk to Rue while Aaron still interacts with them occasionally.

But yeah, I just came here to say that my definition of toxic is apparently very different from what people here use it as. Tell me your definitions and examples, ig.

Toxicity starts with being dishonest with yourself

here’s some examples of what I find toxic:

  1. After you lost to someone
    “bro that was easy as shit ur really dogwater at this,” ofc some people say this as a joke, but if ur genuine :frowning_face:

  2. you tell someone something that is literally common sense
    “stay mad :heart:


A harmful substance (poison/venom) produced by organisms for self defense, or artificially synthesized by humans for the purposes of killing eachother.


who are you so wise on the ways of the science? (literaly)

Biology 11

Toxic | Definition of Toxic by Merriam-Webster (

I personally see ‘toxic’ people as anybody that I treat as a toxic substance.
If you’re irritating and do nothing positive, I call it toxic.
If nobody actually wants to be around you, you’re probably toxic.
If I see you in public, recognize you, and then decide to take the longer route just for the sake of avoiding you, then you’ve done something horribly wrong and should probably rethink your choices.

Anybody who says shit that is only ever said to be toxic is obviously a toxic person.
Two obvious examples being; “Stay mad” and “Ez”.

I would name examples but that’d be rude and hypocritical.

Someone touched by poison magic recently

How can someone be a person if they’re toxic? They’re mutants, not “people”!!!


Eh, just generally trash to the people around them and can’t see logic whenever they’re bested or in general.

My definition for a toxic person is someone who shows a needless display of rude behavior to others in order to try get what they want.

Going out of your way to make every interaction unpleasant exclusively to the other parties involved is about what I’d say.

The exact meaning of it could be very convoluted because impressionable people on the internet tend to repeat what people they look up to say without giving it much though.

one word

actually no bad definiton
someone who hates cats

Literally every motherfucker on twitter

your mom

Haha, good thing I ain’t seen her in 16 years :sunglasses:

‘‘ez XD’’