Delete fighting styles!

as you may remember from 2 hours ago i said to stop suggesting fighting styles and since that was greatly received we should go a step further in deleting fighting styles. like what even is a thermofist and im not gonna be drinking seawater :roll_eyes: in conclusion remove them!!

@Cryonical idk Iโ€™d drop a meme here or something about this just being ragebait but like I really donโ€™t care can you just close it.

fighting styles suck man




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Idk if you are joking or not bro but making the same topic again aint gonna do much.
And throwing my opinion in the ring but fighting styles are really fun.

nuh uh this topic is different

Well they are kinda similar lol.
I wish you good luck in your endeavours to have fighting styles removed in the game even tho itโ€™s a core feature.

reason : this forum user is vetarded

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what did i do wrong

insanity 5, chug warding pots before returning

skill issue

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