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Definitely not, this is their choice for testers to make including Maplestorm. If they’re busy, demotivated, just have other things in general, or just plain simple do not wanna make videos. Then they shouldn’t, they don’t gotta be forced to make videos.

So yeah testers shouldn’t be making AO videos and spend more time on that, mainly just let em enjoy what they want to do would be the better thing.

bro thats not what I meant

Idk bro… cuz that’s what registered in my head…

bro reread it

It’s literally what you meant… also he’s a tester he’ll probably only make videos like these once in a blue moon.


I don’t see anything wrong with what I just said.
Instead, please re-write it so I understand what you said clearly.

this what im talking abouttt

That’s selectorches thing though, he makes videos on the things and subjects he wants to do on Arcane Odyssey. Though it doesn’t really mean that other testers have to do it, this is selectorches thing that he wants to do.

From what I am understanding you want testers or whatever to make more videos about AO instead of selectorch making them as a thing he wants to do, so instead of selectorch, he and other testers make videos, after all you did say “testers” so I guess you’re referring to most testers that they should make videos for AO which kinda or does sound forceful.

If thats not it then could you explain what you actually mean though?
Because I am confused, a video image of selectorch making a video doesn’t mean anything

no, fuck you. (10 characters)


no I just mean that selecttorch and maple just make their videos on things that aren’t made by other ao youtubers (opinion)

not all testers just the ones that have channels already

alr bruh just delete this post then :sob:

no (5 characters)

Ah, alright, better explaination than the main-topic ig.
Anyways this is pretty much their choice tbh, after all there are hundreds of youtubers on AO which at some point one of them could make a video on best locations or whatever. Maple and take a break if he wants, no need to ask him to make videos on it more often and should upload more but yeah I get it now.

Some youtubers I wouldn’t think would repeat a video that’s already been uploaded as its like a competition to who can be first (Which is what some or a lot of youtubers do except for some who want to milk up some views). If a video is already uploaded even before it releases, the chances of other youtubers uploading that would be lower. Might be wrong but just how I see things on youtube lol.
(all because of one youtuber being supaa)

you did not understand what I meant but ok

your question makes no sense though, you seem to assume testers have the liberty to share or talk about things the others can’t, sure they know more cause they are testers, but in no way it means they are allowed to share said info


the difference between danny or some random joe who make ao video is just that danny has access to elysium and can make freecam shots in test realm for cool thumbnails or etc


Don’t harass him for content

Maple needs to have their own life
Don’t do this again…

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