Delicious In Dungeon / Dungeon Meshi

This has gotta be one of the best animes I have seen. No stupid side characters, no meaningless episodes, and no “fan service” of literal fracking teenagers (I hate that one’s in like half of all animes). Just great animation, a straightforward, understandable plot, and shockingly good, consistent worldbuilding.

Oh, and the characters—oh my god, it’s so nice to get a cast of characters that aren’t just;

  1. Generic blank anime boys
  2. One-note waifs with a single defining trait
  3. Japanese stereotypes of Europeans
  4. Dude who just hates everything and wants to avoid people

Oh, and the reaction shots are priceless. If I ever needed any reaction image to literally anything, this show has me covered.

Has anyone else seen this show or is it just me?

(Please do not provide spoilers from the manga in this topic.)

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damn bro this anime looks way more interesting than what i’ve usually seen everywhere, def gonna check it out


Do so. Absolutely do so. This is without a doubt my favorite anime or 2024.

Now, tastes are subjective, but I can at least say that the production quality, animation, and other more objective aspects are top-notch as well.

gonna watch it

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I absolutely love this show so much. They were the first show i’ve seen that actually did a decent body swap episode.

this anime/manga is extra funny knowing that the author is a picky eater and wouldnt actually eat most of the stuffs she draws :skull:

excuse me?

Most popular animes take place in high-school settings or utilize high-school aged characters. They also use fanservice to try and appeal to the audience. This practice is generally hated among most anime fans.

While fanservice can mean any number of things, for anime, it generally refers to the sexualization of a character.

yes but why do you hate that it’s uncommon? would you rather it be more common?

No, I hate that it is common. I probably could have phrased that better.

yes you could :sob:

Phrasing fixed.

I read through the manga in a day and it was surprisingly well-thought out, with a good-ass story for a manga that’s mostly about eating monsters

It helps that the cast are so unique and have their own quirks, to the point the neurodivergent community has really loved Dungeon Meshi too

also I just love Senshi he looks so cuddly and dad vibey



I like how it focuses a lot more on the journey and the worldbuilding than on instant gratification like most modern anime tend to do.

There’s an actual story to be told here, with a tone that is primarily lighthearted but at the same time not afraid to get really dark when it needs to.

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