Derps calamity adventures

Yeah i started playing calamity.
You dont care??? Then why did you click on this topic???
Anyways i made 2 worlds pain and glory one got overran by crimson with 0 steampunker the other is fine post moonlord

Spoilers because im nice enough

Started with mining gross than i shanked desert scourge got confused on how to make victide gear because the wiki is outdated then eoc, brain of cuthulu than the goofy perforators amazing ost I fought it like 6 times because why not then I spent 4 hours hunting for a sky mill when I could craft it made new gear ect found planetiods ect had amazing merchant rng, killed wall of flesh in record time explored the abyss did mechs than made a new world because hardmode spread hits different for me and this was before i used evil be gone mods. I restarted new world skipped the prehard grind now this is where things started getting challenging starting with plantera 75k hp on classic lacked an arena died so many times also the summons spawners had annoying recipes than I realized something rouge is not good for dps i mean I didn’t swap classes and wont until I finish it. Tried to open the astral chest because haha funny rouge when i finally killed it The drop was actual garbage disappointed I breezed through Calamitas after finally killing plantera and ignoring the ores. Ill skip it because I can’t make this sound entertaining
I made it to moonlord with scoria armor got shredded like 8 times and only getting to his core and decided to get astral armor then I actually did good enough to kill it. I went through hell to kill the profaned guardians than did the same with providence in the underworld I think it took me 12 tries to realize the dot destroys me eventually I grabbed a sun stone did better at providence her death animation got me to 9 fps man. So thats where i am post providence im currently suffering to find trapper bulbs

Tldr world got destroyed by crimson made it to post moonlord suffered at providence lagged pc on death

the giant wall of text

Wow you yes you are so funny you deserve a medal!!!

I’m the best :partying_face:


im bored

Good job so far.

I feel bad for you derp not using Begone, Evil!

also what mode you playing it on

Cool, what difficulty?

Classic, first run

that explains a lot of your easy times.

I’d recommend you try revengeance at least as your first difficulty

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revengeance is way more fun. It’s also way harder and will cause you to go insane, like me.

wouldn’t say it’s way harder, the calamity items n such make it rather easier, I only got stuck against leviathan and anahita on my playthrough.

then I went and did a malice playthrough that somehow managed to make it past cryogen (RAW PAIN ON MY END), though to be fair having quality of life mods for stuff like infinite potions was nice. bundle of balloons is also really fucking powerful for some reason and you all should try it

you can also note I am a summoner.

honestly things like this make me wanna do a multiplayer forum calamity mod playthrough, except I have 0 clue how to do that, also coordination n such would be hell

Sorry i dont hate myself

I didn’t fight them until today because i had no ocean :skull:
I got stuck on moonlord, plantera, polterghast phase 2, astrum aureus and providence. Idk the vanilla bosses are rooted into my brain (expect plantera i cheesed her)

Id do that when i beat classic and revengeance maybe with a discord server?

Using it now :niceman: along with
Npc alc
Rng mod
Wing slot

I’d say wing slot is kinda cheating since it’s an extra accessory slot

Ah shit here we go again.

besides, the best wings, aren’t even wings, the bundle of balloons is fucking insane, you honestly haven’t played calamity until you’ve tried them with a full quick modifier set n all, it’s insane and you’ll be running out of arena so often.

it was also practically required for malice mode fights because they gave you insane speed and most importantly didn’t put a speed cap on you unlike literally every wing

Boots with wings modified into them

those also slow you down I think

but like honestly go watch a malice mode fight that uses them