Derps calamity adventures

I’ve been doing pretty well against grey slash I think I can beat it since he just does that edgy slash thing that I’ve learned to dodge roll through and those annoying firebombs (he is a fucking sniper and if I dodge roll too early through him he just turns around and throws it)

also why is summoner a RIP I main summoner I always go the summoner route in every mod

are 1 block wide dirt walls meant to be broken

if you stay close enough to the fucker he doesn’t throw it


Same, but it usually isn’t that good.

if I stay too close he does his edgelord slashing i hate that fucker I’m getting boots

heh, good luck.

The earth temple is a pain in the buttocks

I’m in the eastern US idk if that’d conflict

fuck the eye of cthulu I can barely dodge it in phase 2 if I have my panic necklace buff and that’s not good when you take 1?10 of your hp each hit from phase 2

Rip. I’m at post-DOG rn :skull:

Get me in on this

I’m in Expert Revengence. Literally run.

:arrow_right: image :arrow_left:

imagine a forum calamity run with like 8 people and the bosses just take 20 min to kill (half of us would probably die fast) I would be down for a multiplayer game (I live in Alberta so hopefully that doesn’t conflict since it’s the same general timezone give or take a few hours)

right so today I beat the eye of Cthulhu, the brain of Cthulhu, and the eater of worlds.

I am on a fucking roll and that one summoner weapon you can craft with dark souls was surprisingly useful considering the 20+ damage and the fact you can adjust the orbit

I killed all the bosses im free back to roblox for a little

Lowkey sounds like a good idea and i was gonna make a topic for this but then i remembered the whole timezones suck thing :upside_down_face:
(if anyone is down to join might be making a topic though :eyes: )

I might, but I’m slightly worried it may fuck over my The Story Of Red Cloud run I’m doing.

regardless I’d rather replay the story of red cloud than miss a multiplayer calamity run

hell, to make it more interesting and to make the server actually have some reason to be in when we aren’t fighting a boss why not randomly assign some biome to each player to be where their base would be? it would be an alright way to get people to build themed stuff

Now i do but im using a better class than rouge


Ah shit here we go again

if you doing another playthrough i would heavily suggest megamodding definently makes the playthrough much more overwhelming and annoying but more fun at times

fitting how my zoologist had moved into the dungeon (where they should belong)

ignore what I am wearing alright?