Describe the person's PFP above yours

Time For Round 3 Ig?


Ur pfp is a piece of shit wearing sunglasses.
I like it!

Your pfp looks like it from some animated roblox series setting place in a zombie apocalypse, nice

you forgot to take off the santa hat, also a green eg

miku doing the mou ikkai mou ikkai watashi wa kyou mo korogarimasu

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an edgelord with eye issues

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every americans wannabe

oh fuck ive been gnomed aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

dic man

A pixelated, cuboid, greyscale object vaguely representing a humanoid facial expression with the generic red/white Christmas hat that is majorly cropped off.

White Silhouette of pixelated satan in a Magic circle

The thing in mario that made me omnipotent

it looks like an edgy anime character who likes dark tuxedos lmao-

Looking like his thinking has transcended the fabric of reality, causing multiple paradoxes to initiate

Some chad anime dude that probably, totally pulled off a Sherlock Holmes move. And caused the plot to flipping turn on its head

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somebody has found out @Acid

very dank and dark looking pfp with those disturbing glowy white eyeballs in the middle of a building/city/telephone booth

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thonking santa


is that supposed to be gaara from naruto?


Hisoka jr.