Desperate for powerful brown wizard hat and powerful dull power amulet

I have been trying to complete my max power build for so long just send me your offers :sleeper: unpike#0323

Sunken Sword :mariomug: :mariomug: :mariomug:

frogot to mention dont got any boss drops nor sunken gear

also poor powerful power amulet too

does it need to be a brown wiz hat? i have a pink one i believe that is powerfull

ok it can be any color

sorry for reacting this late, my wifi died and i just got it working just now…
So do you maybe have a powerful defence amulet or something? idk what is worth what im kinda noob on the trade market :slightly_frowning_face:

I just got a normal dull defence amulet

nvm but I got hard wizard hat

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