Dev team when moment

it would litteraly make all the updates be 10x better and be made twice as fast why is no one suggesting this

vetex said no 10000 times cos he works better on his own

that doesent make that much sense but ok

It does when considering that having to micro-manage a team would probably slow development down but ok

It kind of does. It’s just like working on a crappy school group project and you have to micromanage your partners :sleeper: Ideas and coding styles will clash. However, WoM is a big game. I can’t imagine a single person doing it all. Getting some help isn’t a bad idea when tackling a project like this. A full on team would slow him down though.

why do all dev teams need to be bad? he could prob find a helpfull one with his massive discord and all

While i don’t think that WOM should have a dev team, there certainly are some parts that could be outsourced to help speed up development and shouldn’t affect much negatively.

A couple good examples of vetex outsourcing more parts of WOM’s development than he already has are…

  • Minor tweaks such as balance changes ect. that can be found on the trello.
  • Most of the accessories / weapons that are on the trello.
  • Sounds design & some parts of building such as tree designs ect.

I can understand not having anyone else handle anything major but stuff like that should be able to be outsourced without slowing down development.

  1. vetex said no
  2. vetex works faster on his own
  3. you have to manage a dev team
  4. you also have to pay the dev team too
    conclusion: No

Vetex can be a solo coder and whatnot, but he 100% needs to get some help when it comes to building stuff and sound design.
It would speed things up and likely improve the quality of the game if he had help in areas where it wouldn’t actually hurt to have help.

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There are multiple factors in a dev team to make faster and better updates. First of all, there needs to be trust and a sort of friendship between devs. If not, there could be arguments and drama between them, causing problems to occur, like devs leaving, fallouts, and probably slowed down updates.

Also, devs don’t necessarily code in the exact same way. Features need to be coded in the same way, otherwise there’ll be clashes in the code, leading to bugs.

Of course, a dev team needs to be managed as well. Some devs may want to be paid, sometimes too much.

Also, you could argue that vetex isn’t enirely solo, since other people have helped with things like lore, music etc

bruh i made a post about this why is no one going too it. and vetex himself answered this question

no one cares

but this whole post is useless dumbass

it has 400 replys and you complaining about lack of traction?

The updates don’t need to be faster, monthly is a good speed. The storyline update was a smaller update because it was originally going to be a part of the fishing update. You need to realize this is a long term game, and will get more and more content with each update. If you don’t like the game’s current content or gameplay, that’s perfectly fine, no one is forcing you to play. Go play a different game for a few months and check back when there’s more updates. Complaining won’t change anything about how I handle the game, and just makes you come off as an impatient ass :fr: