Devo is back. (Could be good news)

Uh, hey. Good to be back?

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Good to see you

Thanks baba.

Fun fact: Baba means grandma in Russian.

Don’t know why I know that but I do.

Devo do be back tho

Well, I do supply baked goods on the forums… it all adds up

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Wake up
*Log onto AO Forum
Devo has returned
Day ruined

Nah jk, welcome back dude, never seen you before but I’ll welcome you back regardless

Oh yeah btw. heres some pie!

Thanks baba

He do be back.

Oh, I’ve seen you.

Every day, every night.

What flavour?

Uhm, berry? I think…


You don’t know what you put in your own pie?

I kinda just. pick random berries and put em in the pie

welcome back, i’ve seen you around on the forums, you probably don’t know me but welcome back anyway


Welcome back! :blush: