Did anyone cook with the new arcanium/fs gear?

i’m talking mostly about the leggings and chestplate, they all seem pretty mid except for their glass and light variants

if you did cook, share your builds here because i wanna see them

I do have a few of the complete sets for lightning but I havent done anything with them just yet ;-;

only thing like this I’ve seen is the new max attack size from explosion magic

Don’t know if this is particularly good and I haven’t actually made it but I think its kinda neat that its possible

Piercing probably slaughters this

wood armor is actually goated

stat check build

Poison armor is also crazy lol

This is outlandish ngl

Yall should be afraid of literal glass cannons:

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a power + defense set is strong, who couls have guessed

Looks like the wiki needs some updating

cooked or nop

well since i have ice magic as my main magic i felt like i could make an op resistance build but i dont have any of teh right scrools so i cant make it but it would basically make you take 3 dmg with regular block (i found it off a yt video)

Behold! The wall!

the metal glass mage on their way to absolutely obliterate some random level 80

That Crystal/Acid Mage I saw doing over 900 damage finally has some competition!

Didn’t turn out as well as I thought, if someone made something better tell me, but I think the one I made with earth was better.

what build maker is this ?

glassid gaming (I’ve switched some of the stuff around since/still improving it)

Is there any way to get more defense than this?