Did i cook wit dis build


Another versatility build enjoyer i see, my main is also versatile in a couple of substats.

but for PVP sake, you could sacrifice a few stats for slightly more defense, so you can atleast tank more attacks, unless you are a vitality build.


insanity 2’s more preferrable because the blind effects won’t appear at that point, but you won’t be able to get to the far reaches as a drawback, because you’ll start taking damage.

Needs more insanity

i’d rather go with my build i currently have (or at least plan to have)
i dont usually cook the way i did up top but i wanted to try

Needs insanity 4 :smiling_imp:

needs an infinite % more intensity

also imo it’s way better to have one main stat and one side stat, instead of 3 equal stats, but I guess this would also work fine