Did my Iron Leg focus math wrong


I expected to have a bit more health than I currently do under Focus.


Yall got any math I can use to improve this?

100 points in Vitality btw. Base HP is 1,368

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Maybe it doesn’t count vitality hp as base hp or something?

You prob have too much intensity, try to change either your wolf cape or fair amulet for another defense item

this is the hp that i get (0 points in vitality)

you definetly should have more

definitely looks like a diminishing returns issue with intensity

Past around 50 or so Intensity it begins to fall off in effectiveness, similar to other stats. After a certain point you should be prioritizing Defense > Intensity.

Remember that the bonus HP from Resistance Focus and Mode scales off of both total health AND Intensity.

If you want more HP, the following set should work:

  • Hard Argos Helmet
  • Hard Argos Chestplate
  • Hard Argos Leggings
  • Amplified / Hard Defense Amulet
  • Amplified / Hard Cernyx Faulds

I’m not exactly sure what the most efficient enchant setup would be, but that’s my guess.

Wondering if there’s a combination that lets me have a little bit of Power in there… Greenwish Cultist stuff has both Power and Intensity, and my damage is pitiful.

I mean the idea behind super tanky builds is to just attrition your opponents. On my lightning warlock, my crash does 110 damage and my blast 165. That would take nearly 20 direct hits with my single hit blast to kill you, not to mention dodging and parrying, as well as your natural heal rate. Even if I was actually good at pvp, It’d be a struggle to just overcome that health pool. I’d probably have to just run away for most of the fight and cross my fingers I can outlast your mode.

the base health is 1k
you have 3.6k
i beg
don’t make it bigger :sob:


progress so far. looking into some suboptimal accessories to hopefully get some agility in the mix after it starts boosting travel distance in the next patch

kind of a shame since I was planning on reusing some of those pieces to make my main file not squishy

please stop bro :sob:

the only thing i got is this from my scrap notes

Fighting style Resistance aura:
Thermofist = HP 1740 > 2054 || 0.84712755 Damage resistance is 15.29%
Thermofist with 24 intensity = HP 1726 > 2108 || 0.81878557 Damage resistance is 18.13%
Intesity for 1 point gives 0,00118091583333333 Damage resistance is 0,11%


63 intensity and 1726 hp it should give

22,22% reduction as 2219 HP

Calculation failed, 2191HP. 28 HP difference.

Try with lower intensity to get more accurate resoults

Fighting style Resistance aura:
Thermofist = HP 1740 > 2054 || 0.84712755 Damage resistance is 15.29%
Thermofist with 3 intensity = HP 1551 > 1848|| 0.83928571 Damage resistance is 16,08%
0,79% difference
Intensity for 1 point gives 0,0026139466666667 Damage resistance 0,26%


63 intensity and 1726hp it should give

31,67% reduction with 2525hp

Calculation failed, 2191. 335 HP difference.

Seems like the more intensity you have the less effective it becomes

there is % fall off with each intensity point which i can not figure out :pensive:

what is your HP with that set?

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