Did the peacekeeper mutate his third mind?

title explains itself

wasn’t planned for aa so probably not

probably not since you’d have to be an exceptionally great mage to actually do that, since it’s nearly impossible
also you were supposed to be able to choose wether or not you wanted to mutate your minds, so maybe.

was theos’s third mind mutation ever canon?


no (holy shit let me type two letters)


if they wanted to and after a long while? yeah probably

sock how can you type that little

ancient knowledge (hangul filler)

I wonder on the canonicity of Mutations anymore regarding how the power system of the arcane universe seemed to be a bit reworked and upgraded with AO.

Guess we’ll see later into development if they are still a thing.

they aint

Player-wise mutations have been scrapped in favor for the scroll system. Npc-wise I have no clue if they will return

Vetex has said before that Mutations are essentially an “old” form of magic, related to an inexperienced development of it. The War Seas are far more developed than the Seven Seas, so they have moved beyond mutations in their magical development, and resultingly, many mutations are now base magics.

would be fire but probably no

exists only in the seven seas, war seas have long since advanced past the need for them