Did vetex just use my idea?



  • You no longer rotate to face an NPC or have a greet animation if you talk to them while you’re using an emote.
  • *Finished adding a side quest which involves getting your first Co-Captain NPC. Co-Captains cannot currently be equipped, but they display in the Shipyard UI.

my idea:

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what is your idea

mine was using your other files as people to help you man your ship. but what he put ingame was just getting random npcs

yeah lmao he never saw ur idea when making that he had shower thoughts


I still made it a suggestion. plus I know im just saying its very similar

The title of the topic legit implies that vetex used YOUR idea, which isn’t true of course.
You are also contradicting the title and what you said with this

Listen, attention-seeking isn’t seen as a good thing to do, and besides the co-captain and crew idea was already in the trello months before you even posted that suggestion.


wait where
i dont think we knew about the co-captain and crew npcs until yesterday

well I didnt see that one ok
plus im not seeking attention its been a while since ive been here

the private trello most likely, it’s been planned for a while now

don’t really see a reason to keep this sort of thing in the private trello tho

Quite literally

Surprises can hype people up

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it hyped me up a LOT


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