Did you notice that Sand and Snow have different impact sound effects?

Listen closely to the two.

You’ll notice that Snow’s impact sound is basically Sand but with reverb to give it a “chill” effect like how Ice is.

Just something I found out yesterday and wanted to share.


The snow one feels like an echo type thing with a “chill” to it, you’re right. Nice find, Meta. Kinda feels like an Easter Egg-type thing even though it’s not.

Snow have snow stormy like sound at the end
while sand sounds like a ball of sands hit hard

Cool detail.

vetex has such a skill issue that you guys are super exited when two magics have different sounds from each other :skull:

Which one of us is super excited?

your mom

no yours

yeah i agree

pretty damn cool, granted I only used Sand

Vetex has no audio in his inventory, how’d you even get it?

pretty neat actually

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