Different "Sunken" Variations

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Hello everyone, this is one of my first suggestions, so let me know if I should do anything differently.

I find the sunken concept very interesting, that being a basic armor set being lost underwater for a very long time caused it to gain arcanium-like powers, being even better than arcanium. I think it would make the game more interesting and allow for more variety if more sunken-like items were implemented that weren’t all just based on water. Here’s an example:

You could buy a special fishing rod from a vendor somewhere, specifically near or in the dark sea, and you could fish in the volcanoes. This would not only allow you to find some special fish types, maybe fish or snails that give you a form of melting resistance when made into a meal? but it would also allow you to find molten gear, which could be based off the “Lava Monster Warrior”
and the “Magma General Pauldrons”.
The main stat could be power and reflect, which deals a small percentage (like 3-5% of the original attack’s damage) of damage back to the attacker. This would be great for certain Vitality builds if they’re looking for an alternative defensive measure or just more power. The weapons could also apply melting, and use bigger weapons like a molten great-hammer or cleaver. They could even be colossal for warlord users.

This adds some more incentive to explore and look for special items other than sunken, which is obtainable by fishing anywhere at a very rare chance. Its also easily expandable upon this concept, you could get a fishing rod that fishes in sky island clouds, acid, quicksand, etc. Of course, you wouldn’t find one of these sets for every magic type, which would defeat the main purpose of arcanium armor and weapons. Maybe use some non-base magic elements, like Ancient Lightning which could have a focus on power and less speed than regular lightning arcanium. Some could have risk factors in reward for better stats, like the volcanoes having a possibility to erupt while you are fishing.

In summary, different element variations of sunken items would be an interesting thing to add to the game, especially if they are tied to or specifically used by different stat builds and give players an incentive to fish and explore more often.


Decent overall, but please do not add more “random sh*t” stats that sound awesome in theory but in reality literally no one uses it
Case in point: resistance, piercing and regeneration
WoM had the same issue with having a million different stats that were similar in both the icon and the functioning
Power, defense, attack size, agility, strength, attack speed, casting speed, knockback, at one point it becomes too much
Just use already added stats or the stats section in the inventory will become a mess


Fair point, it should probably just give power and either resistance or attack size, and negative attack speed.

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that would fit magma a lot, maybe we could have one where it’s an electrically charged armor set from fishing during thunderstorms and it gives power+speed (basically better carina set)

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I like this idea a lot but Jesus the amount of grinding does not sound fun lol.

You could also maybe have Wood sunken items that you could get from swamps, or maybe at particularly deep parts of the Ocean you could fish up Shadow sunken armour from the Abyssopelagic zone.

Snow sunken armor that’s from whitesummit/frostmill treasure charts fr :fire:

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To add on what others say. It shouldn’t be tied to fishing either. Make a new obtainment method instead.

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Bro if it’s underneat snow it’s buried armour not sunken

I still main regen in my paladin

Please for the love of all things in the Dark Sea, we don’t need any extra stats. Reflection specifically sounds like it could either be the best thing ever or absolute trash with no in-between. Other than that, I love the concept of Sunken-like items, but with how long they take to get, it’d just be more grinding for people to worry about.

If you’d want them to not be more of a pain than the regular Sunken items, maybe have the special fish in volcanoes give immunity to lava? It could open up some possibilities like volcano diving in the Dark Sea, and make those islands safer to travel on.

I do wanna add that we are getting more sunkens in the future, with the next set being available at level 250. So maybe this suggestion could be plausible

Looks like we got 2 new sets

That actually sounds very cool, It would open up making diving spots specifically for volcanoes in and out of the dark sea. You could get molten treasure chests or something like that, which can be a whole other loot table to begin with.

No way they actually did it