(Digital Art) Choosing colors for shading! - Manual Color Picking 1

Note: As art is pretty much a subjective topic, this topic simply serves as a post to suggest one of the color picking methods. Because after all, you’re free to decide on what makes your own art look more pleasing!

This mostly involves playing around with the color saturation, brightness, and darkness. And it’s more focused on which colors to use for shading.

Follow the arrows, stop to pick the colors, then go down again as needed. This method is basically that.

Speaking of the arrows, you generally want to at least stray away from the pure white, and going down to the black part. (Unless you wanted your art’s shading to look more saturated/colorful. If so, feel free to run straight towards the fully saturated color! Just don’t run back to pure white, since the color doesn’t get darker in this way.)

What kind of colors can you get with this method? Here’s a rough example of what kind of color you can get. From going down in different directions.

As those arrow paths result in colors that really hit different, feel free to experiment with the paths until you get the desired effect on your art!

Now, here’s a combo you can use along with the arrow-going-down method. The hue changing.

(I stole the second screenshot and edited the arrows, don’t mind me.)
But yeah, here’s a enhancer move you can use with the method above. General rule: Move away from yellow (the lightest hue), stop at the blue (the darkest hue).

What do you get from moving around with the hue?

Yeah, it kinda hits different. haha yes creative word use

But after all, going overboard with hue shifting may result in the color being heavily altered. Just move the hue little by little, see how it goes, and you’re good!

For now, I’ll end with this method here. Enjoy making art, and good luck with your journey!


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