Dimensional Key

its a persona-inspired game primarily made by the same people that created uuhhh.wav and chaos emblems, i recommend checking it out.

okay i guess nobody here gives a shit about it then

hold up its getting worked on?

I thought dimensional key was long since abandoned like chaos emblems.

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Yeah i thought it got abandoned

wait hol on i think i regconize this

damn thought it was abanddoned

I looked in the chaos emblem discord and apparently it restarted development around the 17th.
according to Avid, Mage has become a significantly less horrible person and plans to use this game to repay Avid for… previous problems.

what previous problem, mind i ask?

That’s for avid to talk about.
I will say its why and when Chaos Emblems died.

man they still haven’t finished uuhhh.wav have they :pensive:

oh yeah, @Baba made a post on this game a while back, cool game gonna check it out again


protip: guns work and are the most effective method of self defense (why the fuck do they do 21 damage)

oh yeah, you mean the transphobia issues? i vaguely remember that.