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So, before people tell me that i shoud’ve had put that in suggestion, i’ll just say that i wrote this because i wanted to know the opinion of the wonderful community of this forum nad to know how i could make this better before sending this to the suggestion page. So if you wanna share your opinion on the matter i would be very happy to read it as long as you explain it correctly and dont just trash on me.

I also do not intent to trash on what Vetex did, i am just sharing and explaining my opinion and hope you will do the same. The “lore” and “gameplay” part aren’t very related to each others.

And excuse me if i am not good at explaining things, im trying my best here.

So what do i want to talk about?

  • the awakening of warrior both in gameplay and a bit in lore
  • how weapons work and how i think it could be improve on without completely changing its original idea.
About the awakening of warriors (in lore)

So i don’t know if i am the only one to think that way but i find the concept of warriors aura/awakening to be quite… boring, for 2 reasons ;

First of, it just sound like a generally weaker version of what can conjurers can already do. Both awakening are bout enhencing your(s) weapon(s) with magic energy. Warriors aura is in concept really just a lame version of the magic imbuement.

Just think about it like that ; while some people can throw litteral nukes a you and some other can enchant their weapon or body with elements, other people can wipe your ass out of existence by using their litteral soul, and you can make yours swords techniques a little bit stronger with some traces of magic.

What make it worse is that fighting style users can already do a similar thing even before they get their awakening.

So what is my idea :
The idea is that warrior aura would be an ability only accessible to people that cannot use magic, that make them able to amplify the energy/property of an inanimate object using their willpower. The way they amplify the object is also a bit conceptual, for example ; a sword would cut anything (not always litterally, it can just cut way better if the user is not that strong), a bomb/gunpowder barrel will have a more powerfull explosion or would simply amplify the gunpowder inside of if, a hammer will crush/hit things better, etc.

It would also give them the ability to give some sort of special ability to an object that they have been using for a extended periode of time and/or that is important to them.

Explainations: Like i said warriors would be granted the ability to feel and utilise the property of an object by amplifying its energy and/maybe concept to a certain point.

For example, the poison thoot dagger is made of a theet taken from a poison jaw, maening that the warrior aura would extend the reach of the blade and make it cut way better, but would also amplify the poison inside of it, allowing ranged attack (like a poison flying slash or something like that).

Another thing is that the warrior aura would be useable on pretty much anything as long as its not a living thing and that it has a clear physical form (and that its not way too big). Meaning that it could b use on clothes and armor, wich could also be use to fight.

For example, someone could use his aura in order to make his cape more resistant, but could also have a cape incrust with minerals with heat conduction property allowing hiim to tank heat-based attack.
Or he could used it like a by rechaping his cape by solidifying it and sharpening the edges like a cutter.

Or he could have a samurai hat that he could use to do a shield-like throw that would bounce on enemies and objects or would cut the target like a blade and come back like a boomerang.

Another thing is that he could use boots with some sort of special heat-imbued iron inside the sole to produce a burst of energy to get a speed boots or to make an air jump.

As for the special ability part, i think it would open the door for a lot of fun and interesting fight choreography in stories.

How it could work is that when someone that have a good enough mastery of the warrior aura he would be able to grant over time special ability to an object that he accord high value to or just use since a long time. It would have secondary effect to link the object and the user in a certain way, meaning that the user is alway award of where said object is located, make the object near indestructible/very durable and make it unusable to anyone else (like they can’t wear/swing/hold it in any way or would just act like Thor hammer.

Some example of special ability that could be and the limitation:
The ability would be a bit conceptual in general but would be very strict and limited.

  • A spear that when throw can litterally fly without stoping and change direction instaltly at high speed, however the vision of the user will be from the spear point of view (yes, its a world of magic so its possible) and the user would have to close his eyes while using this ability.
  • A sword/spear that can create material illusion and after images at the user will, these illusion are not created from manipulation others people sens but instead create a material boject/sound that dissapear after some time, if its too far of if it interact with something else.
  • A katana that absorb a part of the damages the user receive or just abord all the damage and the power of an attack that the user paried with the blade. The power is then stored for later and can be released at any time for a devastating attack, however it release all the power at once and need to be charged a bit (like 2 or 3 seconds). For a reference thing of the Moon Slice of Adam Taurus from RWBY.
  • A crossbow that can shoot arrow that never miss their target but it dosen’t choose what part of the target is hit. It could be a leg, an arm or the head, its random.
  • A samurai hat that act like a rasor freezbe when thrown and can bounce like captain america shild and also act like a portal for the user. For a reference think of that dude from the webtoon Hellper or that dude from mortal kombat 11 with his metal hat.

Or instead of that it could simply be the warrior non-magic equivalent of arcanium and spirit weapon. Very busted weapon/objects of any sorts with op but restricted ability.

Gameplay and mechanics part for the weapons

Instead of completely changing how weapon work i thought of a way to add some customization (not the one like magic) while still remaining similar to the current weapon system of the game.

First i (obviously) thought about making weapon more like fighting styles tho weapon are about crazy mixup and quick switching between different weapons. So the idea is that it would work similarly to the Elden Ring weapon systeme, with two types of weapon (excluding strenght, arcanium and spirit weapons) being the “normals” and “uniques” weapons.

For the uniques weapons, it includes all the basics weapons of the games and all the ones that can be considered as “reskin” of them. So if a weapon is visually different but has the same skills (not stats) that the base weapons have, it is considered a reskin, even bosses drops.
It include :

  • all the Elius weapons
  • Captain Maria cutlass
  • the cultist staff
  • all the atlantean weapons
  • the ravenna/bronze weapons
  • general ai saber
  • etc…

The main difference is that weapon class can now change their attack for new one that they would learn from scrolls and pnj. When a weapon skill is learned it is learned forever on this slot and you will still have it even if you change your build (tho you won’t necesserally be able to use it).

When you open your character information there would be a new category named “Weapons” (of course) where you can select a normal weapon that you have in your inventory (unequiped) and you will have differents category of weapon (polearm, bows, gun, dual guns, big guns, sword, katana, dual sword, greatsword, greataxe, etc…). When you select onethe category, there would be a list of the current skill that your have equiped on a category (pretty much visually identical to the magic and phithing styles skills menu). You would need to use a weapon of said category to unlock it.

From there it work like the Ash of War system of Elden Ring, you can unequip the bases skills of said category or re-euip them later. If you equip a skill that you don’t have the stats for you just won’t be able to use it after. As for the different weapon skills, a lot of them are for one category specifically while some are for multiple. When you are done changing the attack all the skills on that category of weapon will be changed (for example the elius dual blades will be changed the same way as normal dual sword).

You also cannot trade a customized weapon, however there would be an option to reset them to the original.

Unique weapons are the ones with their own special skills unique to them, like the Sunken Sword and Staff, Triasta of Bronze, Plunderer any arcanium weapons (since its for magic), every strenght weapons and spirit weapons (for obvious reasons). These weapon cannot be customized.

How it would affect the warrior awakening in game:
Now after their first awakening, warrior would have the ability to create their own weapons to customize (they are considered as “normal” weapons". however, they need to actually find materials for that, the appearance of the aura and the passive effect the theses weapons would have depend on wich materials are used to create it and what they are used for (ex: handle, decoration or main material) as well as the shape, size and general appearance. The shape and size of the weapon as well as the materials used and their quality will determine the stats of the weapons.

These weapons cannot be trade and will be deleted if you reset your class/stats. You are not limited to only one, so you can just have only custom made weapon for your build, giving warrior the ability to fully customize like others class, but just in another way.

Warriors would also be able to learn special weapon techniques only unlockable for them (just like surge is only usable for mages)

I think its already planned but ima still put it here just in case : warrior would also get another weapon slot.


Well, iron leg and sailor style kinda work like imbuement so…


Can you explain

iron leg and sailor style don’t imbue into anything unless ur warlock

and then there are the people who sprinkle a tad bit of soul energy and magic on a canonball, then proceeds to use a literal hammer as a baseball bat to launch the canonball at ya

cool april fools joke

That would be cool af tho


Thats because lorewise it is quite literally what it is. Warriors are straight up always weaker than Conjurers.

They should add attachments like extended magazines and scopes and suppressors and all that

Look at that. This could be our second awakening. Don’t let them take this from you

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I just think that the fact that in canon warrior are weaker than other class limite what we can do with them in game

my concept was that warriors would be able to use magic energy from others sources to compensate their lack of magic

Tho they probably will never add something like that because it would make the game like an fps

Psyhic damage in a nutshell:

I mean, shouldn’t unlocking your mind as a non magic build make you stonger or… i dunno, do something like breaking your physical limits or some shit like that?

Warrior needs buffs. - Unbiased

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