Discussion for new system of infamy which prevents rking and toxicity (Not island capturing)

So we all know guilds are really toxic now and the only way to get is by rking poor max level players who are in a guild for hangout purposes and get killed by people who want infamy so in order to combat this I have a new suggestion -

Get infamy from kissing
So we know kissing is a pure act of love and kindness and so if you kiss anyone even if they’re level 1 you get +1 infamy but everytime you call a player stinky poo poo you lose -10 infamy.

Why should be this added
So we know all pvp games have toxicity and everytime someone gets rked they um get angry and start saying suncry poo poo spellbreakers poo poo all guilds poo poo cause they rked me and the system allows you to get infamy by rking.

So please guys no toxic and :kiss:


If Tom Brady were to play this game with his son, he would love this

I chuckled at this. Is that a good thing?

youtube kissing pranks in AO :mariomug:

Pucker up, Kandy :kiss: