Disrespect in pvp

I know disrespect can be an important part of the combat in games heck I even do a bit of it in character… but like when I’m no hit by a kid shooting where I was 17 days ago and actually hitting me followed by them unironically saying in chat “TO EZ” or “EZ CLAP”. It takes about all the energy I can muster to stay in character and not absolutely go off on their playing on McDonalds WiFi selves

just a rant ignore me

just tell them that their mom was ez last night. mom jokes are effective and are absolutely timeless

Everyday in discord i name myself one of those kids and claim that i exploit so they get banned and i laugh.

the server forces you to connect your discord and roblox name. you would just be banning yourself lmfao

I use a discord script to prevent to connect my real roblox account to connect in discord, naming myself one of them and incase of ban the kid gets banned instead, and i can switch to another, it’s not the case of this forums, i usually put my “business” roblox account in here, and it’s permanent, i can’t change the username.

eeeeuu you probably shouldn’t admit that in the forums. joking or not they’ll ban you

I already got banned from discord before, i am admitting it because there’s no point of keeping it hidden since it’s useless.

getting banned from vetex discord also includes of bullying and mass toxicity in a day, so it’s ban.

no i mean on the forums they’ll also ban you. you can’t admit any wrongdoing or they’ll just ban you lol

Heheh, i already expected you’d say that, everything i say is clearly a joke, i don’t have enough age to join discord yet, guessing my age is under 14, anything i say about discord will make totally nonsense.

that’s a BIT much

my morals just wouldn’t let me do that

they’ll ban you even for being TOO YOUNG. happened to @donk

You can only get a ban on discord for being too young in Discord 'cause it’s against their terms of service and we can’t actually allow it.

its seems from the report that he had violated other rules as well

oh so donk getting banned was for nothing. rip that dude

yeah discord rules of service trump all else

nah i am pretty sure he just got banned for making other people mad lmao

It wasn’t for nothing, discord can close your server if you knowingly allow users underage to be there.

is there a rule on being too young in these forums? i meant to say donk was banned here for being young