Diving Spots

Diving spots are hopefully going to have some potion ingredients, along with the sealed chests

very deep diving spots should have a chance of sunken treasure chests :slight_smile: (once chest exploits get patched)


All in favor say Aye

I really hope that later on very deep down diving spots could have a chance to drop a riddle that leads to an area of an island with a chest that gives lost/ancient scrolls and such

Similar to legendary charts in AA except without the ability to be killed and have it taken from you

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Petition for Vetex to add deepsea chests that have low odds of giving sunken treasures
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Edit: even at rare tiers these sunken chests still have pretty low odds at giving sunken items. At best, probably 1/200 but feel free to suggest rarities.

You had me at Petition


You seem to be looking at them in the wrong way, it’s just another method of getting them instead of something you should be focusing on farming.

Lets say you’re ship farming or just sailing to an island and you see a diving spot, you can go down and get basically free chests without much effort depending on the diving spot (at worst you’ll need water breathing and shark repellant)

While I do like fishing I wouldn’t mind having an underwater alternative to finding sunken like this one

I think that at best, rare sunken chests could give sunken treasures out at a 1/60 chance like the rare item trio, but there could be sunken sealed chests that give them away at odds like 1/40. Though I’d like others to suggest their own rarities for these chests. I think sunken sealed chests should only spawn in deeper diving spots, since having them spawn in the superficial ones would mean too many sunkens for easy pickings.

Imo those rates are pretty high, especially considering sunken’s base rates from fishing being 1/2k

If we follow the arbitrary logic of sealed chests having 10x better rates for rare loot (pulsar/axe-slash etc being 1/60 vs 1/600), then the rates of sunkens in these designated chests would be around 1/200. I personally think fishing should still be the primary way of finding sunken while this is a secondary one, so I could see the rates being around this low (or even a bit lower)


Yeah, I like those rates better.

don’t think it’d be anything painfully significant, just one of those nice touches to the game world that keeps it fresh.

although it’d be preferable for them to respawn, given how long some servers stay alive.

you don’t want the most common spots always being dry upon entering a server

I remember Marua from Arcane Legacy, he was dropping shadow scepter with chance 1\200 and I got it only after fucking 2000 kills…

I don’t think Marua ever dropped his scepter, right?

I’d rather it just be rarer loot, maybe even some sunken warrior gear

but not the sunken iron armour

Im talking about Arcane Legacy, not Arcane Reborn.
Marua can drop scepter in AL, but can’t in AR.