Diving Spots

How do you feel about “not passive generation of Diving Spots”?

  • I like that!
  • I would prefer them just generating overtime
  • We dont know much for now. (Neutral answer)

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i’d assume they’re going to regenerate loot every so often, maybe every 30 minutes

cant wait for campers

Imagine camping a diving spot for 3 sealed chests when you can just kill some pirates

if some people are camping Rubica’s port (yes, i’ve seen multiple clan people who were camping Rubica’s port and killing players who were there.) then diving spots is possibility as well

i feel like diviving spots are kinda low priority compared to everything else everyone has been yelling about

yeah you hold down and hope you dont drown to death what riveting gameplay

I suppose the only reason he’s adding it now is so that potions can be implemented in the near-future right after, since he mentioned diving spots having potion ingredients and stuff. The potions update is also being heavily hyped up thanks to interchange potions and the combat changes.

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If the game is going to have a feature where you dive into the ocean, the ocean better not just be sand. Like at the very least near the diving spots it would be nice to have a little seaweed and coral in a certain radius around it.

To be clear, I’m not asking for the whole ocean to be detailed, just near these diving spots and shipwrecks and such


“At the start of each server”

This is a temporary thing right
It would really be unfortunate if it was permanent, despite nearly every server going to become super old a few days after the update’s release and all existing diving spots being found already. And, due to there being no autoshutdown feature, nor a serverlist to easily find newer servers, that the diving spot feature becomes something really hard to do

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wait fr, there is no auto-shutdown of the server, right?

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Auto shutdowns might be added sometime

2 updates after diving spots, when the spirit weapons will be finally released

pretty sure vetex said if he can’t fix the memory leak, he’ll add auto server shutdown

The if implies that if he does fix the memory leak, old servers will still exist and he wont add an autoshutdown.
Like, 24 hour+ servers in general are usually always dying, regardless of how good or optimized the game is due to how Roblox works. Fixing the memory leak will only just reduce the issue that these servers have, not patch it completely, and with Diving Spots being something that occur at the start of server start ups, this is a problem.
At the moment, a large majority of AO servers are super ancient, and there’s no accurate way to figure out whether or not a server is such at an initial glance. There’s no server age indicator, nor is there a server list / random server button for us to change to more newer servers more easily (if you have multiple friends online, then trying to click the play buton will keep sending you to their servers regardless of if it’s across the planet or not).

if vetex fixes the memory leak he should 100% still ad auto shutdown, depending on how good the fix is i could say every 14 hours or so maybe. if he can’t fix it i would say at max every 10 hours.

imo auto shutdown is a needed feature even if vetex somehow completly fixes the memory leak issue (which he won’t)

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I feel like he just needs to do a big shutdown once they come out, since as you said

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60 spots generating across the large map is totally fine. It’s just an additional activity to partake in and I don’t think people should treat it as more than a curiosity.

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is this in reply to something? just curious

What im worried about is diving spot being completely outclassed in terms of sealed chezt by ship farming. Maybe they could be a different kind and give different stuff? (I would make treasure charts unique chests too.)

Just leaving this here