Do all elemental curses have magic variant?

so we know that external ones most likely dont but what about elemental one?

do all of them have a magic variant?

I doubt it, since there’s never been mention of something like cloud magic.

but cloud was a planned mutation of wind…?

Oh true, but as in no mention of it in the lore of any games or ever being in-game

fair enough, i still think at least the majority of them have a magic variant tho

if something like death and apocalypse bringer have a magic variant i cant see why something like cloud wouldnt

or maybe it was at some point but is simply too weak and went extinct

No, not every elemental curse has a regular magic.

Not entirely. The Tide Curse controls the sea, but isn’t the Water Curse, from what I understand.

Every magic 100% has a curse, but not every curse has a magic.

Not possible, some magics were human made after Prometheus made the Curses

Eh, good enough.
Poseidon Magic is just strange, anyways. And enchanting is just enchanting.

Poseidon Magic doesnt exist I think it was retconned

which ones?

aether lightning and poison lightning are two example

those were made by people?

yeah Vetex’s character created it in lore ( i think its non-canon tho? )

dunno about poison lightning but i think its the same too

it doesn’t really sound like it’d be part of the canon so i don’t think it is either, i’d guess canonically they’re probably just some magics that the war seas unlocked before the seven seas did

ARCANE ODYSSEY: If it exists there is a curse of it

(i mean if magic exists)

All elementals have a curse variant

Human magic used to be really simple. But they advanced over time and developed new ways to use magic, and new magic itself.

Mutations, for example, are human-made.

i think those are more human unlocked than human made, we’ve seen curses for multiple mutations already

I’m not saying that mutations are original. But the existence of a curse for an element does not mean they are related in any meaningful way.

Prometheus created curses many centuries after humanity unlocked the secrets of magic. In that time, there were certainly many new advancements in magic and new creations. And afterwards, after Prometheus was defeated and there was no more magic gift-giving, humans still created new types of magic.

Magma already exists in the world, so wouldn’t a human have developed their magic to mimic the properties of magma? Would a human not look at some mundane material or aspect of life and say “I wanna make a magic to be like [Random Material]”?

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