Do curse users stop ageing physically after they got their curse?

Like the title suggests, do curse users stop ageing immediately after obtaining their curse or do they still age physically to a point and then stop?

They just immediately stop aging

stopped aging when you get a curse

Basically Durza was still a little bitch baby boy when he fought Theos in Oberon

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a toddler against old man

why the fuck am i picturing this

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Just imagine.

The peacekeeper, arriving at the seventh sea to finish their mission and kill Durza. They’ve watched their close friends die at the hands of Durza’s minions. They could do nothing as Theos bled out after fighting Prometheus.

They fought through the hordes of undead that Durza raised to defend himself. They reduce a revived Zeus to ashes and dust. Durza lies in the very next room… The peacekeeper steels their resolve, and walks through the door. Only to find a 12 year old child screaming “dogwater”, “ez”, and “get good”


No even better.
The peacekeeper, a legend of the world, and the most powerful wizard known… is being controlled by a 5 year old and saying ‘ez’ ‘get good’ and the like every time they kill somebody.
Making a fuss and crying every time somebody lands a hit, and often complaining about the world not being altered to their wishes.

Meanwhile Durza, with the appearance of a 12 year old…
“So we finally meet.”

"Shut up I just want your loot drops!!!"
-The peacekeeper


yes this is confirmed

they age to their physical prime in their younger years then at that point they stop


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